Who Charted Weekend Rewind - Episode 18: The Grilled Cheese Incident with Thomas Lennon (April 6, 2011)

What if a pill could make you talented and hilarious? You probably still wouldn’t be as funny as Tom Lennon who graces the Chartlands with his presence this week. Tom seduces the Heatseekers Music Chart, giving way for Kulap to perform a dramatic reading of an important message about boning. Being the Hollywood star that he is, Tom uses the Movie Chart to talk about his best oral-sex-acting, and plays a round of Chart Roulette that will keep you on your toes! Pop some NZT, put on your favorite party jam, and enjoy your weekly allowance of Who Charted?! 

This is a little feature we’d like to do weekends on FYWC to highlight an awesome past episode of the show; episodes that new podcast listeners may have missed and veterans would want to listen to again.

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