Who Charted?: Weekend Rewind - Episode 14 Rob Corddry: The Dog Days of Chart Fest (March 8, 2011)

Grab some cheddar bay biscuits, because it’s time for Who Charted?! Our guest this week is Rob Corddry who is best recognized from Childrens Hospital, The Daily Show, and from role playing Beauty and the Beast. Rob shows off a surprising interest in dance club music, a shocking criminal record, and uniquely fond memories of Boy Scout camp. After researching the definition of ‘rubric’, Rob is embarrased that he still doesn’t know what it means. Chart Darts is here again, as well as the Chart Mutation.

WC: Weekend Rewind is a feature on FYWC to highlight an awesome past episode of the show; episodes that new podcast listeners may have missed and veterans would want to listen to again.

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