Comedy Bang! Bang!: The Podcast - Wipeout!

Put down your Entertainment Weekly and tune into Comedy Bang Bang! We have Jason Mantzoukas of comedy, film, and cinema fame here to count down the Twelve Nights of Oscars and more importantly, try to get through to a friend in need. Also joining us is first time guest Dalton Wilcox, a cowboy poet who don’t know much about this big city way of life. Sharp eared listeners might hear some cameo appearances from past Comedy Bang Bang favorites, so stay tuned on Twitter to let us know what you think! Click here to see a sneak peek of the Comedy Bang Bang television show for IFC.

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    é das coisas mais bonitas do mundo.
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    Nobody makes me feel better the way Andy Daly does. He is my hero. Long Live Dalton Wilcox!
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    Holy crap this episode was hilarious. Jason & Scott jive so well together and are so silly. Andy Daly is one of the best...
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    Please someone compile an Andy Daly’s Suicidal Characters playlist!
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    They’re talking about Steely Dan on CBB. I am fully engorged.
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    This episode is an instant classic. Do yourself a favor & go listen.
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