Sklarbro Country: Bacarri Breezer

We have no doubt that Sklarbro Country residents were and are huge Arrested Development fans. This week on the show we have the hook-handed youngest brother Tony Hale in the studio to tell us about his real life relationship with Liza Minnelli and how some inappropriate rubbing helped him land the role of Buster Bluth. He also offers up some psychiatric advice in a quick hits segment that will make you look at this country in a whole new, double-fat-fried light. Plus Bryant Gumbel is on the blower to give us some closing remarks on his brother’s attempt at sports broadcasting. Click here to watch Lance Armstrong lose gracefully in the Galveston Ironman competition, click here to vote for Sklarbro Country in The Comedy Awards, and click here to pick up Sklarbro Country LIVE from SXSW. It’s just that simple!

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