Who Charted? Weekend Rewind: Episode 7 - Drum Solo with STEVEN. BRODY. STEVENS. YES! (1/18/2011)

Brody Stevens has been on Who Charted? twice (the pics above are a mash up of those two appearances since this episode had no pics of Brody) but I went with the earliest one. I find these early episodes of WC so fun to listen to as Howard and Kulap find their stride and turn WC into the well-oiled podcast funny-machine it is today.

And, as if I have to remind CFKA’s like you guys, Brody is going to be the house band (drums) at the live Who Charted? at the Bridgetown Comedy Festival on April 14. So if you are around Portland next weekend - pick up some tickets!

Brody Stevens is here for Who Charted? and you will undoubtedly ENJOY IT! He talks with Howard and Kulap about getting laid, cleaning up after his dog, being in the Hangover, why his house stinks, and of course, the charts. They discuss R&B, movies, and play a super fun round of Chart Roulette. If you want to hear Kulap show off her flirtation skills, Howard pronounce “banana”, and Brody play a rockin’ drum solo, this is the Who Charted? for you!

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