We’ve all noticed by now that Bob Ducca’s been away from the Earwolf studios for quite some time. Every so often, Bob likes to admit himself to the hospital for one of his routine, atypical check ups.* We don’t need any doctors to tell us what we already know; that Bob will be back recording in no time. Until then, do like or reblog this card. He’ll be delighted to read peoples’ well wishes from his hermetically sealed hospital bed. 

*Bob’s check ups consist of dozens of super invasive, risky, and time consuming tests.

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    Bob, I Don’t know what got you this time, but keep your head up, and we here at the knitting circle/Daniel Steel book...
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    Bob Ducca is the shit.
  4. agentash said: I read this in the voice of Bob Ducca. haha
  5. tearlgrey said: Get well soon, Bob! And really, do *not* worry about the exorbitant cost of this hospital stay. I’m sure that part will all work itself out fine. You just focus on you. Not the huge bill that’s coming.
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