COMEDY BANG! BANG!, the most anticipated show of the summer (and my life), premieres TONIGHT (Friday) June 8, at 10/9c on IFC.

If you’re not sure you’d be into this or you haven’t heard the podcast don’t fret! In this post I have compiled clips from IFC.com to prepare you for what will be the best show you have ever seen in your LIFETIME (I am not exaggerating here).

Want to know what the show is about? - CLICK HERE

COMEDY BANG! BANG! - The Ultimate Teaser Trailer - featuring Scott “Hot Saucerman” Aukerman, Jon Hamm, Zach Galifianakis, Tenacious D, Casey Wilson, Topher Grace, David Koechner, Brett Gelman, Michael Cera, Gillian Jacobs, Nick Kroll, Reggie Watts, Seth Rogen, Will Forte, Will Arnett, AND MORE!

COMEDY BANG! BANG! - Season 1 Trailer - Featuring, Andy Samberg, Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, Reggie Watts AND MORE!

COMEDY BANG! BANG! - Sneak Peak - Featuring Scott Aukerman, Adam Scott, Paul F. Tompkins, Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, and Reggie Watts

REGGIE MAKES MUSIC - Zach Galifianakis, Jon Hamm, Michael Cera, and Will Forte

Not enough? - Watch a FULL EPISODE on right now and then turn your tv to IFC TONIGHT at 10/9c!

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