I couldn’t have been luckier when I got the chance to work with Howard Kremer and Kulap Vilaysack in creating the chart-tacular Who Charted? logo. Not only are they hilarious, they let me stretch my feet a bit and do what like to do the most… DRAW!

The first version of this logo started rather simply. Howard said he wanted to be a scientist surrounded by charts and graphs and things of that sort. I said “no problem” and away we went! After a few explorations [first image] we settled on a direction and I finalized the artwork [second image] and put all the colorful goodness it was in place [third image].

After a few months I was put with the charge of updating the logo to include both Howard and Kulap together [fourth image] as the team they were on air. I decided to give them a nice uniform, a few of their key show elements, and their trusty pet Hermes — the chart goose!

I never like to provide just one option, so a few color choices later [fifth image] we finally settled on what you see above [sixth image].

Now go listen to Who Charted?!

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