James Adomian’s Debut Stand-Up Comedy Album is Now Available!

If you’re a fan of Comedy Bang! Bang! or Sklarbro Country you’ve heard one of James’ outrageous characters (Gary Busey, Jesse Ventura, Huell Howser, etc). You may have seen him as one of the finalists on NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Or maybe in Esquire Magazine as one of the Best New Stand-Up Comedians of 2012. Now you can get his debut stand-up comedy album Low Hangin Fruit!

Over 20 tracks of James’ amazing comedy for only $10 (digital or physical)!

Or get yourself the “Gay Villains” inspired t-shirt along with the album for $27!

And pick up an extra shirt for $20!

All of these are available to purchase now at the Earwolf Store.

Catch James live performing standup and characters across the globe at festivals, comedy clubs, gay bars, rooftop parties, and radical political events. Set phasers to chill!

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