This week I’ve been going through my hoard of podcasts and decided to relisten to everything I have that features Andy Daly. Daly is a darn good comedian who excels in performing as outlandish characters in his acts (here’s a good sample of what he does), but his true talent lies in improv. Every character he performs on Comedy Bang Bang goes from a goofy premise to an outlandishly hilarious result that has to be heard to believed. There’s Don Dimelo, a lecherous theatre director, Hot Dog, a waterskiing champion who’s trying out for Sha Na Na, and Chip Gardner, a jolly satanist seeking to be elected as the honorary mayor of Hollywood. Daly’s easily one of the most underrated comedians alive.

Hmm, maybe I should do a podcast portrait series…

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    LOVE Andy Daly. I lose it every time he’s on.
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    I am a big fan of Bill Carter @ Trainer for the Stars Seeking Stars dot Org.
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