Comedy Bang! Bang!: Out of Bleeps

The funniest person in the universe, Amy Poehler, reveals which foreign show that Parks and Recreation is based on this week on Comedy Bang Bang! Fan favorite Jason Mantzoukas uses his co-hosting duties to help countdown the Twelve Days of the Emmys, obsess about thirtysomething, and talk politics. Talk radio host Tom Leykis drops by as well to share the ins and outs of Leykis 101. We play a new game called Speed Round and show off our skills during the Freestyle Rap Battle. Plus, a irresistibly delicious game of Would You Rather?

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    I burst out laughing a number of times on the subway while listening to this. The Tom Leykis stuff was particularly...
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    it’s not the real tom leykis though, it’s a wildly exaggerated caricature performed by ace comedian james adomian. at...
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    ew tom leykis is mega gross tho. my dad used to take me with him on his delivery route and his show came on in the wee...
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    Oh man. Do yourself a favor and listen to this damn show.
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    I’m so glad about this episode. The only way the guest list could be more perfect is if Kroll was on.
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    I’m gonna say it. I’m GLAD Amy Poehler is getting a divorce. I’ve fallen in love with her.
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