How Did This Get Made?: The Odd Life of Timothy Green

Tim Heidecker joins us for what turns out to be a serious discussion about The Odd Life of Timothy Green. We talk about Timothy’s relationship with Baby Mila Kunis, the Titanic portrait drawing scene, and Common sizing up kids to be on a soccer team. Jason teared up once again, Tim genuinely likes the movie for what it is, and Paul & June didn’t enjoy it. Be sure to get your tickets for a special Valentine’s Day episode of How Did This Get Made? LIVE Feb. 13th at Largo!

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    My friend listens to these podcasts and says they are hysterical.
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    I listened to this (of course) and at the end, Tim dropped a little hint that there might be more Check It Out! He was...
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    Yeah, Tim may have been way too positive of person to have on. Love him but there is plenty to laugh about in a movie...