Announcing the Dragon Boy Suede Stance Photo Contest!

Here’s a chance to let your inner Dragon shine through and win some swag 

Take a picture of you re-creating Dragon Boy Suede’s iconic stance (if you are unfamiliar with his stance, check out this video of Howard demonstrating). We want you to be as creative as possible - take the pic somewhere cool, wearing something crazy, or just be yourself.

Then submit your pictures to Howard at his tumblr site (howardkremer.tumblr.com/submit) by 11:59pm EST February 28, 2013 and Howard will pick out his favorite to win a prize pack that includes Dragon Boy Suede & Who Charted? goodies.

Dragon Boy Suede’s new album “Douche Minutiae” will be released on iTunes very soon. We’ll let you know when it does, but until then, pick up the previous DBS tracks, get pumped and “Take the Stance!”

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    Here it is Chartists! Get those stances ready!
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