Get Fit Now with Bill Carter

On today’s episode, Andy Daly & Matt Gourley have chosen a unique interactive podcast experience in a pilot hosted by 91-year-old Personal Trainer to the Stars Bill Carter. Bill will lead you through the steps needed for the workout of a lifetime, he’ll chat with his good friends Victor the Giant & Rochelle the Elf, former Wrestler/Governor Jesse “The Body” Ventura will make an appearance to challenge the listener, and everyone will answer some questions from Twitter about fitness. Plus, you’ll be treated with the world premiere of the greatest workout song ever to be written since “Eye of the Tiger” by the one and only Spyryt.

Click here to listen!


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    This is the best podcast of 2014. Hands down.
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    Get it. Get fit.
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    pretty sure i had multiple eargasms whilst listening to this episode best podcast ever! with fantastic guests too!!
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    This was a workout! Listen to this episode and listen to The Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project!
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    Thursdays are fun again!
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