Listen to the lovely June Diane Raphael take on Al “Hooah!” Pacino in How Did This Get Made vs. 88 Minutes.


June Diane Raphael

- Because she is funny on “NTSF:SD:SUV::” and on the podcast “How Did This Get Made?” and I got to do an interview with her at Comic-Con (posted very soon).


How Did This Get Made?: 88 Minutes

Al Pacino is one of America’s finest film actors. Of course, you wouldn’t know that if you’ve only seen 88 Minutes. This week we invite Pete Holmes into the fold to suffer through this real-time adventure and the accompanying misogyny, unnecessary character names, and first draft dialogue. We’re more than happy to invite Pete into our “most secure files area.” If you haven’t yet watched the movie, use this link to rent it and help Earwolf simultaneously! Hooah!


How Did This Get Made: 88 Minutes - Prepare for next week!

Sometimes minutes can seem like hours. So how long does the Al Pacino-wreck 88 Minutes feel like? Make sure you set aside some time this week to find out (if you watch it on Amazon with this link you help out the podcast) and then join Paul, Jason, and June next Tuesday on HDTGM to commiserate.

We wish our DVD-player was a time machine so when it hit 88 we could go back in time and get those minutes of our life back.