Today the thrilling conclusion of Analyze Fish is revealed! Does Shelby Fero like Jaws?! Which characters do Howard & PFT identify with?! Listen, and find out!


Analyze Phish: Analyze Fish Pt. 2

Paul F. Tompkins, Howard Kremer, and Shelby Fero aka The Jaws Family are back for the thrilling conclusion of Analyze Fish! After something shocking happened during Shelby’s first viewing of Jaws, she decided to watch it a couple of more times in order to get a fresh take on the 1975 classic. Tune in to find out if Shelby enjoyed the movie as much as Paul & Howard, which characters they identify themselves as, and which fish related movies Shelby thinks Paul & Howard haven’t seen.



Here’s our favorite Instagram comment from this fun photo of Howard Kremer and Paul F. Tompkins from today’s new episode of Analyze Fish…

therealkevbo: “It’s Snark Week at Earwolf.”

Thanks, Kevin!

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Analyze Phish: Analyze Fish

Harris Wittels and Scott Aukerman are back to catch up on Harris’ recent Phish experience and to pass the figurative torch. Paul F. Tompkins and Howard Kremer are comedians who love the 1975 classic film Jaws. Paul & Howard have decided to introduce Jaws to Shelby Fero, who has not seen the film but has absorbed aspects of the film through pop culture. We’ll learn how much Shelby knows about Jaws, which classic films she has seen, and why her fear of jellyfish is higher than her fear of sharks. Will Shelby love Jaws as much as Paul and Howard? You’ll have to listen to find out!