Yo, Is This Racist?: Urban Outfitters

Andrew Ti and this week’s guest Aparna Nancherla are here to tell fashion people to grow up. They talk about clothing stores capitalizing on somebody’s culture just to make cute clothes, how working on “Totally Biased” has made it easier for Aparna to call racist on a subject, and Aparna shares her New Year’s resolution. Let’s keep hoping racism disappear sin 2013 but until then leave us a message and ask us if something is racist at (323) 389-RACE.

This Week’s Topics:

Interracial Couple Bingo

Black vs. White Zombies

Retweeting The N Word

White People Dancing

Urban Outfitters


Yo, Is This Racist?: Retweeting the N-Word

Andrew Ti and guest Aparna Nancherla get into a deep Twitter discussion about the possible reasons to retweet the n word, having an egg as your profile picture, and when Andrew’s mom would check his Twitter. Leave us a question about racism at (323) 389-RACE.


Yo, Is This Racist?: Black vs. White Zombies

Andrew Ti and Aparna Nancherla talk about why you should be scared of all zombies, the history of zombies, and how there are no black zombies on The Walking Dead. Chill out with the zombies and leave us a message about racism at (323) 389-RACE.


Yo, Is This Racist?: Interracial Couple Bingo

Andrew Ti welcomes special guest Aparna Nancherla to discuss the game of Interracial Couple Bingo and shares the No Pointing clause. Stop racism in 2013 and call us at (323) 389-RACE to ask us if anything is racist.