Kevin Nealon, Ben Schwartz, and Jennifer Tilly (Amy Phillips) reenact an episode of “Cheers.”

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CBB Season 2 photos via some weird French Twilight fan site!


Ben Schwartz, Horatio Sanz, & Lauren Lapkus are LIVE w/ Matt Besser on improv4humans! 


Sklarbro County 42

We pull Parks and Rec’s Ben Schwartz from the country and bring him into the world of Sklarbro County! Ben talks about having a tough time watching basketball games in real time, filming an episode of House of Lies in a real dildo factory, and witnessing a magical moment in the movie making process. Dan Van Kirk does not disappoint as he brings in crazy stories such as; a wasted Arkansas woman who tries to flee police on a Power Wheels truck, a bidding war for the virginity of a Brazilian sex doll, and a Medford man pretends stolen Somerville beer is his genitals. Plus, we receive a voicemail from Doug Buffone. Appreciate the hat humor on this show!