By The Way In Conversation With Jeff Garlin: Zach Galifianakis

Zach Galifianakis might be one of the most relaxed performers onstage and is definitely Jeff’s favorite comedian. Zach explains how he bombs more in real life conversations, talks about his relationship with his brother, and tells us the different ways his wife busts his chops. Zach & Jeff also chat about shampoo, bumper stickers, and the positives/negatives of the advancement of technology. It’s the kind of conversation that made Jeff actually rip a chair from laughter.


By The Way In Conversation With Jeff Garlin: Mitch Hurwitz

Arrested Development creator Mitch Hurwitz has been best buds with Jeff for quite a while. They go back down memory lane to talk about working together on Jeff’s first pilot, their love of the word gazebo, and the heart ailment that made their bond grow stronger. Also, you won’t believe what Mitch’s immediate response was after he was recently asked by a stranger to engage in a fight.


By The Way In Conversation With Jeff Garlin: J.J. Abrams

Jeff is mystified at how his pal J.J. Abrams finds the time to make films, speak at conferences, and be an amazing husband & father. J.J. shares fascinating stories about the first time he met Eddie Murphy, asking Mike Nichols about everything, and how an episode of Alias ended up with one of the oddest product placements for a pickup truck. Also, we hear about the time J.J. caught William Shatner in a lie, J.J.’s encounter with Christopher Walken, and when Jeff & J.J. watched Jeff Goldblum on Conan in Jeff Goldblum’s hotel room with Jeff Goldblum.


By The Way In Conversation with Jeff Garlin: Jeff Tweedy

Wilco frontman Jeff Tweedy is the inspiration behind Garlin’s venture into recording these candid conversations. The two Jeffs bond over their love of naps, the joy they get from hating things, and both having moments where their success could mean nothing to their high school peers. We also hear about Tweedy’s pure enjoyment of a certain reality TV show, the best display of anger he’s seen towards him onstage, and the nicest thing a stranger has said about his guitar playing.

 (Photos by: Lincoln Andrew DeFer)


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(Photo by: Lincoln Andrew DeFer)


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