Sklarbro Country: Double Cuff

The sweetly subversive David Krumholtz takes a break from acting on the CBS comedy Partners to swing by the calming shores on this week’s Sklarbro Country! David joins Randy & Jason to talk about making his Broadway debut at the age of 13, scoring mushrooms for a 65-year-old Alan Arkin, and his dream of playing an orangutan opposite an orangutan. The guys then discuss a couple stories involving a 76-year-old man trying out for the Santa Cruz Warriors, a Colorado hockey referee’s bomb joke shutting down an airport, and the Asian Football Confederation blaming Wikipedia for their racist remark during a round of Quick Hits! Plus, friend of the show Jesse “The Body” Ventura drops by to tell us what he thought of the Presidential debates.


David Krumholtz, from the new CBS show Partners, will be the guest on tomorrow’s new Sklarbro Country!

That’s a perfect warm up, because hosts Randy and Jason Sklar will be venturing from the calming shores to be on the show Partners on Monday! That’s right!

The Sklars will play “douchey architects” on the show, and you’ll want to watch Monday, because they’ll be coming back!

So listen to tomorrow’s Sklarbro Country, and make sure that you tune in Mondays at 8:30/7:30c to CBS for Partners. Get into it, folks!