The Reality SHOW Show: I Love Pizza

Welcome to all of the Reality Show Show’s new listeners who discovered Hayes and Sean from Rolling Stone’s 50 Funniest Right Now list! The guys talk about new garbage program The Taste on ABC and its bewildering judge selection, followed by an appreciation of TBS’s new show King of the Nerds and their sponsor Little Caesars. But the real treat is the appearance of Real World and Challenge hero Frank Sweeney, who truly stops being polite as he tells shocking stories of his time on the shows.


The Reality SHOW Show: Sam!

Merry Nothingmas from the Reality Show Show! Sean and Hayes haven’t seen this week’s Challenge and Top Chef episodes, but they can tell with certainty what’s going to happen based on audio clips from the past week’s promos. Following that is a conversation about disappointments Sean and Hayes shared in the finales of the otherwise stellar seasons of Voice and Survivor. At last, Twitter account holder GUY ENDORE-KAISER reveals himself in his true form to discuss reality show adventures with the guys.