Who Charted?: Thunder Head

Matt Walsh takes time from being the vice president’s director of communications on Veep to get acquainted with the charts! Matt lets us know why a dog would be more apt to be moved by music, explains a fantasy celebrity couple game to us, and gets into how writing credits work while counting down the Ultimate Music Chart. He then gives us the inside scoop of UCB-LA’s neighboring establishments, tells us about his part in an upcoming tornado film, and shares where we can find his film High Road during the Movie Chart. Finally, Matt meets the one and only Hermes the Chart Goose!


Kyle Kinane is on the calming shores of Sklarbro County today!


Sklarbro County 46

Kyle Kinane is tailor made with the skills to tackle the kind of stories that occur on Sklarbro County! Kyle talks to us about his thoughts on WrestleMania, being onstage at Zanies in Chicago as a fight broke out, and getting immediate feedback from fans online. Florida is two for three this week as Dan Van Kirk brings in some crazy stories that involve; a Florida woman who poops in a yard then swims naked in a pool, Florida twins who feud with a frying pan, machete, and gun, and a mom & son run against each other for presidency in the sad little town of Dixmoor, Illinois. Plus, Mark Wahlberg shares a preview of his new movie project and tells us what he thinks about the Women’s Final Four in another edition of the Weekly Wahlberg.


Professor Blastoff: Pregnancy

There’s no professor in the hatch today but there’s still magic. The gang talks about Tig ignoring Kyle’s greetings which leads to the hosts examining Kyle’s face and his large nostrils. Then comedian and friend, Michelle Biloon, comes in and talks about the mysterious world of pregnancy. She discusses her baby and talks about all the trials and surprises involved with carrying another person in your belly including; craving deviled eggs, getting to know your baby, and letting your husband try your breast milk. Then it’s time for a tremendous game of “Name That Punky” with special guest, Kyle’s mom!


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Comedy Bang! Bang!: Comedy Bleep Bleep

Are you [bleep] ready for another [bleep] incredible episode of Comedy Bang Bang? Neil Campbell is taking over co-hosting duties today as we welcome back Brendon Walsh aka B Money Dubbz to get a taste of his new comedic persona. Suddenly, Gordon Ramsay himself stops by to tear us a new [bleep] but then calms down to listen to an excerpt of Neil’s new one man show. It’s the kind of episode that will make you [bleep] as you [bleep].


Sklarbro Country: You Make Your Bed, You Thigh In It

Parenthood’s Jason Ritter is an actor, comedian, and now an official citizen of Sklarbro Country! After Randy & Jason drop some yoga snaps, Jason Ritter stops by to talk about how his recurring role on Parenthood came about, what it was like growing up with a famous dad, and being a pinch hitter for his Junior varsity baseball team as a kid. He also talks about how his parents helped guide him to pursue an acting career, still feeling nervous on auditions, and gets into a round of Quick Hits. Plus, we bump it up a notch as a special guest makes their way in studio. You’ll have to tune in to find out who it is!


Ronna and Beverly: A Nutter Butter

The fabulous Kevin Pollak joins Ronna & Beverly on their first livestreamed episode! They chat about when he will get married, having his chat show on Earwolf, and changing his name with his best friend growing up who was also named Kevin. Also, important questions regarding leather pants, impressions, and schmucks are answered! Check out the full video Monday, April 8th over at Youtube.com/Earwolf!


Totally Laime: Just Say No To Cruise Ship Corpse

She’s a food and fun phenom and Elizabeth has a full on girl crush on her – ALIE WARD of Alie and Georgia on The Cooking Channel came on and talked about getting mugged, finding your path, and why LA + ME = LAME (™) ! Enjoy!


Who Charted?: Two Charted 61

Ears and a heart are all you need to enjoy today’s edition of TWO CHARTED! Ku-ku and Wie- wie talk about ram hand’s dangerous new butter based diet, the stupidity of every mystery thriller, and then they do a scene between a Japanese girl and Lee Kremer. Then it turns to family as Howard counts down the best days from his trip to Nashville which included; bad weather, too much love from his effervescent mother, his cool uncle, a disappointingly different atmosphere from the tv show Nashville, and a surprise bag of weed in his travel bag. Ku-ku follows that by counting down her big moments from her trip home to Minnesota. It’s a slice of Kulap’s life including her charming spider-man loving nephew, good eats, and a serious and positive event with her fam. Listen while you eat a bar of butter Chartists!