Sklarbro County 36

The World Champion Judah Friedlander stops by the county to talk about his audition for 30 Rock, his love of podcasts, and why he couldn’t wear a certain hat on The Late Show with David Letterman. Our co-pilot Dan Van Kirk brings in some crazy stories that include; two strippers fighting over one dollar, a couple attacked by rhinos moments after taking a photo right next to them, and the guys play a Florida edition of Where’s The Headline. Plus, Steven Seagal is in studio to tell us about his upcoming business trip to New Orleans. Remember to don’t stand near a rhino!


Sklarbro Country: Tiny Hunk

Murfreesboro’s southern indie-rock act Glossary and Sklarbro favorite Nick Kroll stop by the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Glossary talks to Randy & Jason about their influences, the difference between playing a show in LA than the south, and play a couple of their songs live in the studio. Nick Kroll then joins us to talk about his new sketch comedy show Kroll Show, German cannibals, and playing Fantasy football this year. Plus, Randy Moss’ dog tells us if he’s going to the Superbowl and Mark Wahlberg drops by to promote some of the many movies he’s in right now. Be sure to pick up tickets to see Randy and Jason in Portland at Helium Comedy Club this weekend (January 24-26).


Sklarbro County 35

The terrific sports writing team of Brian and Andy Kamenetzky drop by to talk sports and life on this weeks Sklarbro County! They talk about growing up with the Sklar’s in St. Louis and question why their co-authored comic book, The Camo Chemo Comic Book, wasn’t the smash hit it seemed destined to become. The Sklar’s ask the brother pair about covering the Lakers during their tough season, working for ESPN, and competitive bass fishermen living on the edge. Dan Van Kirk serves up some great stories including a guy losing all 500 of his Ken Griffey Jr baseball cards, another guy getting frisky in public with a couch, and a slick bartering crack addict car salesman, Then Brent Musburger, dealing with public accusations of being a bit creepy, takes the time to call in and thank the guys for their support. Be sure to pick up tickets to see the Sklar’s at Helium Comedy Club in Portland from the 24th-26th.


Sklarbro County 34

The lovely host and producer of the legendary live show UnCabaret, Beth Lapides stops by on today’s episode of Sklarbro County! Beth tells us about spending New Year’s Eve doing yoga with Joni Mitchell, recalls some of the amazing performances that were apart of UnCabaret, and talks about the new iteration of UnCabaret which is available to download/stream on Amazon. This week Dan Van Kirk brings in crazy stories submitted by listeners which include; a woman arrested after a drunken on-ice striptease at a men’s rec league hockey game, Australian robbers mistakenly tunnel into a KFC while trying to tunnel into a jewelry store, and a drunk Florida dad leaves his baby at a strip club. Plus, we call up Charlie Sheen to get to the bottom of what really happened when he partied with L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa in Cabo. Sweetness!


Sklarbro County 33

Lady energy invades the County as the great Lynn Shawcroft stops by to share her love of tennis! Lynn talks about growing up in Canada & England, her stand up bit with Jon Dore, and knowing funny people who are not comedians. Dan Van Kirk aka Baby Elbow brings in some crazy stories such as Oates biting Hall’s face (a different Hall & Oates), an Indiana man being arrested for driving 100 mph to his wedding, and the first Where’s the Headline of 2013! Plus, we ask what happened to Donnie after listening to a voicemail from Mark Wahlberg.


Sklarbro County 32

Let Sklarbro County be the warm shower that washes away 2012 and brings you into the New Year! Fellow Earwolf podcaster Har Mar Superstar is back to join the County gang to expand the “I Want My Baby Back (Ribs)” song, tell us how he started touring with The Strokes, and what he does to take care of himself after a long night of drinking. Dan Van Kirk helps us ring in the new year with some crazy stories involving; a drunken woman who exposes herself and licks restaurant patrons, a Bremerton man accused of slipping meth to his wife, and a man who robbed a bank 55 minutes after being released from prison. Plus, Steven Seagal lets us know how he’s still dealing with Black Friday with a voicemail. Have a safe New Year, punch a waterfall, and lick a tattoo!


Sklarbro Country: The Character Extravaganza

The citizens that inhabit Sklarbro Country have gathered together again this year to help us wrap up 2012, share their plans for the holidays, and look at what is in store for the new year. Join Randy and Jason for a star studded reunion as they welcome Bryant Gumbel, Jerry Jones, Steven Seagal, Tom Leykis, Bruce Jenner, weak Matthew McConaughey, Mark Wahlberg, Sam Elliott, Richard Branson, and all your other favorite citizens. Don’t forget to pick up tickets to see Randy and Jason in San Francisco at Cobb’s Comedy Club on January 18-20 and in Portland at Helium Comedy Club on January 24-26. Thank you to everyone who has continued to support Sklarbro Country in 2012! Keep punching waterfalls into the new year!


Sklarbro County 31

It’s Christmas! And speaking of immaculate conceptions, guest Jon Dore was on the calming shores for the birth of Henderson. Now he’s back, and joining the gang on County to laugh through takes on box fans and lap dances for the needy. Brandon’s gotten so big! Plus, we hear from weak Matthew McConaughey. This episode is the raisins for the season!


Sklarbro County 30

Comedian and writer Julius Sharpe drops by to the County this week to reveal his real name. Julius talks about writing for The Late Late Show during the Craig Kilborn to Craig Ferguson transition, his hot baby, and the funniest heckle he heard at a Clippers game. Dan Van Kirk brings us some crazy stories which include; a Chinese man suing his wife for having an ugly baby, a 19 year-old Green Day fan admitting to stealing a car & robbing a bank on YouTube, and Pizza Hut Canada releasing a limited edition perfume. Plus, Conan writer/author Rob Kutner stops by to give us his reasons as to why the apocalypse is the best thing that could happen to the human race. Be sure to pick up a copy of Rob Kutner’s book Apocalypse How before the world ends! It’s not too early to pick up tickets to see Randy and Jason at Cobb’s Comedy Club on January 18-20 in San Francisco and in Portland at Helium Comedy Club on January 24-26. KICK A YULE LOG!


Sklarbro County 29

Wayne Federman shows off his keyboard skills on today’s Sklarbro County! He talks about second acting his way into Broadway shows, the process behind writing Pete Maravich: The Authorized Biography of Pistol Pete, and his love for fast food. Dan Van Kirk brings us some crazy stories for us to break down such as; a 33-year-old woman trying to suffocate her boyfriend to death with her breasts, Washington police arrest a man for shooting his neighbor & find alligators, and Drive-In sex booths to open in Zurich, Switzerland. Plus, Bruce Jenner left us a voicemail of himself calling a Chico’s. Be sure to get your tickets for A Very Federman Christmas 4 December 17th at Largo in Los Angeles!