Sklarbro County 17

We’re going international this week as we welcome Kenny Hassan & Steven Cohen to Sklarbro County! They talk about the differences in English and American soccer commenting, having to be engaged in watching a soccer game, and the previous inaccessibility of viewing a game. Kenny & Steven also help us get into some stories involving; lawnmower Tebowing, a teenager who shot his penis while cleaning a gun he just bought, and another Where’s The Headline? Plus, our good friend Mark Wahlberg left us a voicemail as part of the Weekly Wahlberg.


Sklarbro County 16

It’s time for your mid-week snack with today’s Sklarbro County! We are joined by Brendon Walsh and Randy Leitke of the Bone Zone podcast to talk about Randy’s challenge to Joe Rogan, Brendon’s connection to 90210, and their pajama party. Dan Van Kirk brings us stories which include; Olympic gold medalist Tianna Madison being sued by her parents, a Reno golfer being confronted with a shotgun after his ball broke a house window, and Canadian pole dancing classes for kids. Plus, Jerry Jones left us a voicemail explaining his glasses cleaning incident.


Sklarbro County 15

Sports. Sklars. Kosta. Michael Kosta gets acquainted to the front seat this week on Sklarbro County! Michael joins us to talk about his time as a tennis champ, attending the Gathering of the Juggalos, and officiating a wedding. Dan Van Kirk brings in stories that will answer the questions as to why the Indiana Burlington Coat Factory parking lot is the epicenter of complete and utter chaos and lawless insanity & what is the worst store name ever. Plus, Bryant Gumbel leaves us a voicemail from his vacation. Ciao!


Sklarbro Country: Badgering the Hoochie

Jason Biggs gives us the stuff this week on Sklarbro Country! He helps us Sklarbritrate the situations with Ken Shamrock’s punching spree and Randy Travis’s church parking lot brawl. Jason also talks about living a double life as a child, his experience on Broadway, putting in the work at the Gap Kids/Baby Gap, and the process of auditioning for American Pie. Plus, Steven Seagal calls in to tell us the reason why he’s not in The Expendables 2.


Sklarbro County 14

Are the guys flying solo this week? Shhh…it’s our little secret. Dan Van Kirk delivers some stories that include Bin Laden’s translator wanting an apology from Lebron James, U.S. Olympic track star Nick Symmonds gunning for the world record of the Beer Mile, and a babysitter who decided to take a beauty nap in a hotel parking lot. So be sure to punch a waterfall, kill a spider, and enjoy this midweek snack!


Sklarbro County 13

Fred Stoller does not hold back during this week’s Sklarbro County! Fred drops in to talk about being the 10 day contract guy, loving to root against the empire, and being mistaken as a guy who can’t drive. Dan Van Kirk brings in stories that include a dumb-ass Cowboy fan, Crocs founder George Boedecker blaming his DUI on Taylor Swift, and a drunk sleeping man who cheated death. We are also treated to a series of voicemails from a drunk Sam Elliott.


Sklarbro County 12

Take your victory lap this week with a new Sklarbro County! Jason Nash joins Randy & Jason in studio to make a formal offer to Bruce Jenner, contribute in an Olympics wrap-up, and help bring some crazy stories to life. Insane stories that are covered include a couple of Olympians who were too quick to celebrate, a judo match won with weed, and Randy Travis not wearing his regular clothes. We also have a special voicemail left by Bob Costas reporting from the Olympic games.


Sklarbro County 11

We welcome Matt Price to the front seat on this week’s Sklarbro County! Matt joins Randy & Jason to talk about his new podcast Whale Cave, interviewing Shaq at a Nestlé Crunch camp for kids, and great comedy troupe names! We also get into some stories that include losing the only pair of keys to Wembley Stadium, Rex Ryan’s secret sensei, and a drunken man who wouldn’t stop. Plus, Bruce Jenner leaves an important voicemail regarding his situation with CIA operatives.


Sklarbro Country: Department Store Santa

Kevin Nealon, of Saturday Night Live and Weeds, is a fellow stand-up that Randy & Jason Sklar have known for a long time and joins them this week for a Sklartastic episode of Sklarbro Country! He shares a tale of his early days as a department store Santa, how long it took him to start doing stand-up, and how Dana Carvey helped him get an SNL audition. All of this includes some Quick Hits, a Weekly Wahlberg, and the glory hole filled return of Jerry Jones!


Sklarbro Country Live from Just for Laughs 2012

Only $2.99 in the Earwolf store!

Need help to cheer up from a bad case of horse herpes? Then Sklarbro Country LIVE at the Just For Laughs festival in Montreal is just what you need! Join Randy & Jason as they welcome Bunk’s Kurt Braunohler for a Quick Hit, Jesse “The Body” Ventura to explain why he was escorted out of a Mario Cantone show, Mark Wahlberg to showcase his impression of his brother Donnie, and a podcast coach to share some podcasting tips.