Who Charted?: Two Charted 49

We get a preview of the new Dragon Boy Suede album on today’s TWO CHARTED! Ku-Ku takes us through her & Howard’s Reflexology massage adventure and Wie-Wie gives us a little taste of some Dragon Boy Suede tracks from the upcoming album. Things get sexy when we find something out about Kulap, Howard should probably stay away from skewers, and lemons are eaten.


Who Charted?: Two Charted 42

Celebrate your Thanksgiving weekend with today’s episode of Two Charted! Join us as Howard counts down his Random Tandem Chart and explains why a Slideshow with Music is a dope genre. We then hear what Kulap cooked up as we countdown her What She Made For Thanksgiving Chart. Plus, an update on the new Dragon Boy Suede album and a Have a Summah 2013 tour! Happy Chartsgiving!


Who Charted? Two Charted 41

We’re making smoothies Dragon style on this week’s SMOOTH CHARTED! Howard gives us a look behind his smoothie making ritual, countdown his Top 5 Songs That Have Nothing To Do With Smoothies, and says the most controversial thing about the Insane Clown Posse. Liquefy, pulse, and enjoy!


Live from Bridgetown 2012

We’ve been saving a good one for you! Brett Gelman and house band Brody Stevens bring positive energy and pinata-beating skills to Portland. The gang covers the top music acts that moved to Portland and the top films shot in Oregon. We’re also treated to a Dragon Boy Suede performance. We’re grounding and pounding in Portland!


Who Charted?: Podcuddle

Chris Gore, of Attack of the Show, podcrashes the charts this week. We cover the top billing alternative albums in the music chart, some “dongtastic” movies, and play a game of Chart Roulette. The gang also talks super hero movies, Fiona Apple, and dating.


Totally Laime: Cool Snap, Bro

Howard Kremer is definitely upping our cool factor! He’s a comedian and rapper and the host of the awesome podcast Who Charted? where he and Andy fell into brotherly love five long weeks ago. He talks malls, widow sex, butt sex, and we all learn an important lesson about jigsaw puzzles. Enjoy!


Dragon Boy

 F A I N T

Who Charted ep. 70


Happy Pi Day (3.14)! Enjoy with a little Hard n Phirm starring Dragon Boy Suede (aka Who Charted’s Howard Kremer).


Hard n Phirm “Pi”

Happy Pi Day

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Who Charted? Live from Vancouver (w/ Garfunkel & Oates)

Did you miss Howard and Kulap during their trip to the great white north? Fear not, because for $2.99 you can enjoy this live episode of Who Charted? with special guests Garfunkel & Oates! For this lovely duo we have special charts like Billboard’s Top Musical Duos, and the Top Film Duos, plus a special game of Chart Piñata. With a live track from Dragon Boy Suede and additional musical accompaniment from Brody Stevens, no this is a show no Chartist should be without. Tunes!