Nerd Poker: On The Catwalk

Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn), Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch), Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo), and Bartho Shett (Ken Daly) have successfully made it inside the collector’s base with the help of Tras and Carn (Mr. Sark). They’ve been careful not to get spotted until they reach the catwalk. Now they must roll to see if they can reach a running collector before he warns others of their presence. Will luck be on their side or will they roll botches? Plus, the gang makes a proposal to create a time capsule and recalls an old adventure featuring Gerry Duggan and a treasure guarding dragon. It will get filthy.


Nerd Poker: Going In Recons Blazing

The gang decides to regroup back at the survivors’ underwater home to figure out a plan to infiltrate the collectors’ base. They learn about the connection with the Sea and Ell Ryan’s (Gerry Duggan) death as they talk to the Elder and decide to infiltrate the collectors’ base in the morning. Survivors Tras and Carn (Mr. Sark) join Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn), Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo), Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch), and Bartho Shett (Ken Daly) on their mission to find out what lies inside the collector’s base. Plus, the gang recalls some memorable botches from past D&D adventures.


Nerd Poker: The Survivors

With Ell Ryan’s (Gerry Duggan) disappearance, the gang decides to follow the survivors who have mistaken them for collectors. Ermine the survivor (Mr. Sark) guides Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn), Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo), Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch), and Bartho Shett (Ken Daly) to their underwater sanctuary. Plus, Sark tells us a story about some crazy shit that happened to him regarding an espionage themed role playing game that still creeps Brian out to this day.


Nerd Poker: Follow The Whispers

The gang has no choice but to follow the whispers up ahead to find out what happened to Ell Ryan (Gerry Duggan). Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo) takes action and dives underwater in search of Ell Ryan, Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch) tries to make out the whispered conversations to gather clues, Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn) stealthily swims towards the voices, and Bartho Shett (Ken Daly) is tired. All the while, the dungeon master (Mr. Sark) helps them advance by whispering as well. Plus, the gang takes us back to their past time traveling D&D adventure.


This guy rolled a 20 with this fan art!


 Guys, if you have even the most marginal interest in Dungeons and Dragons or comedy, you should listen to the Nerd Poker podcast with Brian Posehn and Friends! It’s a great collection of comedians and writers on a DnD adventure and it’s hilarious.

Above are my designs for their party members.First is Brian Posehn’s Goliath Barbarian who’s big on brawn and short on brains, he also knows about boats and murdering ladies. Next up is the Dragonborn Fighter, Bartha Shett, played by Ken Daley. The handsom guy in the middle is Blain Capatch’s Blackee Green, Half-Elf Warlock and all round cool guy! The super naked Elf Shaman is Gerry Dugan’s Ell Ryan with his trusty Spirit Bear. And finally, the sensible Dwarf, Mildred Maxton with her knobby knees.

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Nerd Poker: Swim Toward The Light

The sun has set and the gang has no choice other than to swim in the darkness toward the specs of light up ahead. Ell Ryan (Gerry Duggan) summons his spirit bear to gain an advantage while Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn), Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch), and Bartho Shett (Ken Daly) paddle their way toward the light using the sail that Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo) managed to rig. The dungeon master (Mr. Sark) will be their guide to what lies ahead in this pitch-dark night. Plus, the gang announces their alignments and tell us about Brian’s past D&D character, a pickle loving Jackie Chan.



Ell Ryan’s mighty Spirit Bear!

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Nerd Poker: Shipwrecked

A large rift has left the gang stranded on the sinking ship. Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn) and Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo) must lash together the remaining wreckage to sail off into safety. Before they depart, Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch), Bartho Shett (Ken Daly), and Ell Ryan (Gerry Duggan) explore the ship for food and supplies. What does the dungeon master (Mr. Sark) have in store for them next? Will they survive? Can the spirit bear swim? Listen to find out! Plus, the gang shares a coconut filled tale of a past shipfucked D&D adventure.


Nerd Poker: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

It’s time for the gang to rush, strike, and belch their way through a couple of guards as they continue their journey to find their gear! Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn) is first to deliver a devastating strike, Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch) sits back to decide what his next move will be, Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo) wonders if they should take a guard hostage, Bartho Shett (Ken Daly) thinks cleaving rocks, Ell Ryan (Gerry Duggan) unleashes the wrath of winter, and dungeon master (Mr. Sark) guides them along the way. Plus, the gang recalls some crazy shit that happened on a previous D&D adventure featuring a Sir Robin Masters.


Nerd Poker: In Search of Gear

More of the mysterious ship is unraveled as the gang moves forward in their adventure. Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn), Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch), Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo), Bartho Shett (Ken Daly), Ell Ryan (Gerry Duggan) are lead by the dungeon master (Scott Robison) as they search high and low for their gear. Will they take the stealthy route or go out guns blazing? Oh yeah, there will be nudity.