Time to get ‘yo Freak on, Earwolf fans! improv4humans host Matt Besser and a slew of UCB comedians you know and love are available to perform for you… on demand!

Besser’s film Freak Dance is now available On Demand. It centers on a spoiled rich girl who joins the ranks of some local street dancers. Little does she know that she’ll be involved in an epic dance battle that will decide the fate of a crews’ dance studio. 

This film is packed with performers who have appeared on numerous Earwolf shows, including Amy Poehler, Horatio Sanz, and Tim Meadows

Also, be sure to look out for Freak Dance screenings in your area.

By: Julia Hays


improv4humans: Bonus Cut - Burn Victims Anonymous

It’s time for your mid-week improv bathroom break! This week we have Sean Conroy, Andy Secunda, and Danielle Schneider stealing, dating, auditioning, and lighting shit on fire all for the sake of comedy! You don’t have to steal this episode, we’re giving it to you for free! Check out Freak Dance when it comes to your town and follow @MattBesser on Twitter to send in your improv suggestions. Music by Bobby Matthews and Dragoon.


Matt Besser begins the Freak Dance tour in Atlanta next week!

Go to freakdancemovie.com for details on how to purchase tickets.


Who Charted: Two Charted 10

We’re trying something new this week on Two Charted! We have a special guest joining Howard, Kulap, and Dustin and his name is Neil Mahoney! Neil has directed pretty much every comedy special you love, and he’s here to dive into Howard’s mixed bag of incidents and vids, Kulap’s road trip tunes, and bring it back to his brand new movie Freak Dance. It’s a bit longer than the usual Two Charted, when when you get into conversation topics like the swallowing of gum, you have to explore it!