The Fogelnest Files: Do The Rap!

Jensen Karp is on a mission to use his encyclopedic knowledge of Hip-Hop to get us up on obscure moments from the world of Hip-Hop on this week’s episode of THE FOGELNEST FILES! Jensen tells us about his podcast Get Up On This, how he grew out of his OCD, and signing a million dollar record deal at the age of 19. Jensen & Jake are here to say that they love Hip-Hop in a major way with some clips like Arsenio’s fat suit rapping alter ego Chunky A, Cam’ron on Bill O’Reilly, and the source of the comedy rap cadence. Plus, we call Barry Sobel to ask if he indeed wrote Rappin’ Rodney, the rap in Revenge of The Nerds II, and talk about how Rodney Dangerfield convinced him to do his rapping bit on his HBO special. Make sure to go leave reviews for Gravediggaz’s “6 Feet Deep” and the Geto Boys’ “Mind Playing Tricks on Me” in “The Fogelnest Files” section on iTunes. Stop Snitchin’!


Who Charted?: A Wordy Menage

Hip-Hop heads are in for a treat as Jensen Karp returns to use his musical expertise to break down the charts on today’s Who Charted! He schools us on Trap Music during the Top 5 Billboard R&B and Hip-Hop Songs Chart, drops some knowledge about the Blackout Haunted House with the Movie Chart, and reunites with Hermes the Chart Goose. Plus, Jensen discusses Riff Raff, tells us about Janet Jackson attending one of his Hot Karl shows, and shares a story about his awkward moment with Heather Graham.


Kulap Kneehigh Socks, Big Gulp Cups and Hermes!




by Casey Weldon

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