Sklarbro County 4

Gar Ryness, the Batting Stance Guy, brings his knowledge of major league quirks and mischievous college roommates to the calming shores. God’s fiery messages, big fat fatty athletes, and subpar sandwiches are discussed. Plus, Bruce Jenner leaves a musical voicemail.


Just a little reminder and a teaser of the live video podcast recording of Sklarbro Country from SXSW 2012. If you haven’t gone to the Earwolf Store and picked this up yet, here’s a little bit of what you are missing. For only $4.99 for the video (and $2.99 for audio only) you can support the Sklarbro Country podcast and spend over 60 minutes on the calming shores!



Sklarbro Country Live @ SXSW - (Buy the episode here!)

photography by Cassie Wright


Some screen caps from the video version of the live Sklarbro Country SXSW 2012 show with Ryan Stout, The Sheepdogs and Gar Ryness plus an interview with “Mark Wahlberg” (aka Dan Van Kirk) available now in the Earwolf Store.


Sklarbro Country LIVE! SXSW 2012 with Ryan Stout, The Sheepdogs and Gar Ryness

Did you miss out on the fun was Sklarbro Country LIVE at SXSW? Fortunately, we captured it on audio AND video for only $4.99! See Gar Ryness and his batting stances, listen to the music of The Sheepdogs, join us for a conversation with Ryan Stout, and find out why Mark Wahlberg has been leaving us all those voicemail messages! Henderson would watch it, will you?


Sklarbro Country: Ally McVeal

Hand back the hash browns, stow away your toboggan, put on a warm sweater and settle in for some Sklarbro Country! Cheap Seats favorite Jon Glaser is in the hot seat to reminisce about his time with Randy and Jason on Cheap Seats and reveal some of the magic behind his hilarious projects like Tiny Hands and Delocated. Quick Hits is a bit of a misnomer this week as first-timer Ken Burns sets his own pace. Finally, we close it up with Bruce Jenner who sets the story straight on his Dancing with the Stars absence. HENDERSON!