Some in studio pictures from Who Charted? Episode 67with Harris Wittels, the Wool Gathering Cocksmith.

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Who Charted?: I’m Lovin’ It

Prepare for your ears to be Witteled! Harris Wittels is back on the show to destroy you, and the charts, with pleasure. This notorious roller is the perfect man for the Billboard Top Dance Club Play Chart, but is he prepared for the movie chart and its accompanying Act of Valor quiz? Plus, we’ve got this playboy into the rec room for a round of Chart Darts all about his television exhibitionism and brand new digs. The whole episode is cozier than cuddling with a puppy in a fresh duvet cover!


Harris Wittels takes his second ride on the Who Charted? tunnel of love tomorrow.



HBO’s Eastbound & Down is back for an all-new season tonight. The show has featured several Earwolf favorites, from the writing talents of Harris Wittels, to the hilarious characters played by Andy Daly, Adam Scott, and others. Tune in, and prepare to laugh!

By: Julia Hays


A Valentine’s Day Phone/Foam Corner

Harris Wittels

Fans were treated to a visit from Earwolf favorite Harris Wittels in the latest episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!

CBB fans have come to know and love one of his beloved segments - Harris’ Phone/Foam Corner. 

And so, in honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to present the top three most “romantic” Harris-isms that I could find in that infamous corner.

Here goes: 

  • Ep. 128: “You know how everyone says like to get your porn name, you use your pet’s name and then the street you grew up on? I have a new system. Ready? And it works for anybody. Take your first name. Okay? Change it to ‘Sir,’ and then take your last name and change it to ‘Fucksalot.’”
  • Ep. 111: “Hey Bo Diddley, Rolling Stones. Who do you love? Great song. Grammatically, a disaster. It should be WHOM do you love.”
  • Ep. 84: “I’m not gay, but my asshole is.”

By: Julia Hays


Comedy Bang Bang 144: Harris Wittels, Paul Rust, Michael Cassady, Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die
Don’t stop listening to this podcast or you know what will happen! Paul Rust, Harris Wittels, and Michael Cassady from our favorite comedy-pop crossover act Don’t Stop or We’ll Die are in the studio to jam out some tunes before their matrimonial debut. And since we have these talented comedians here, why not have them play some What Am I Thinking? and Would You Rather? Don’t be surprised if some Hollywood legends and insiders show up while the band takes their bathroom breaks. After all, these are the Rocky Vs. Rambo screenwriters we’re talking about!