Analyze Phish: Analyze Fish

Harris Wittels and Scott Aukerman are back to catch up on Harris’ recent Phish experience and to pass the figurative torch. Paul F. Tompkins and Howard Kremer are comedians who love the 1975 classic film Jaws. Paul & Howard have decided to introduce Jaws to Shelby Fero, who has not seen the film but has absorbed aspects of the film through pop culture. We’ll learn how much Shelby knows about Jaws, which classic films she has seen, and why her fear of jellyfish is higher than her fear of sharks. Will Shelby love Jaws as much as Paul and Howard? You’ll have to listen to find out!


Who Charted?: Two Charted 28

Feeling a bit of Olympic withdrawal? Get over it with this week’s Two Charted! Howard’s personal chart involves a possible trip overseas, the charisma of past Presidents, and a preview of a new Dragon Boy Suede track. Kulap’s chart on the other hand is a love letter to Vancouver featuring a cameo from Brody Stevens. So sit back, take an in summation sip of a beverage, and enjoy the rest of Summah!

(WieWie pic from Kulap’s Instagram: IAmKulap)


Who Charted?: Two Charted 26

Hey Chartists! This week’s Two Charted is a magnetizing episode complete with covers of the Ku-Ku & Wie-Wie charts! So join Howard & Kulap as they reminisce about SummahFest 3 and count down the Top 5 U.S. Olympic Athletes!

(Wie Wie pic via Josh Cheney)


Who Charted?: Two Charted 25

It’s quite a contrast between the charts this week. Kulap teaches us to live life to the fullest by covering the top five regrets of the dying. (Oh fuck yeah, she went there.) While Howard teaches us to live life to the fullest by recapping his bathing suit weekend. If you want to have an epic bathing suit weekend, don’t forget to RSVP for Howard’s Summahfest on July 28 in Hollywood.


As a companion to Howard Kremer’s Have A Summah Two Charted… 


I Befriended A Seagull - fan made animated music video!

Everyone, please be gentle - this is the first time I have tried something this ambitious - and the first time using this animation software. I drew everything in here (that’s not a photo). There are a lot a nods to us Who Charted? fans, including the twist at the end - so look for those! I hope everyone enjoys it! And thanks to Howard for making such an awesome album!

-Walt Keegan, admin of FYWC tumblr

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Who Charted?: Two Charted 21

Let’s Drop Anchor and listen to the special Have a Summah episode you’ve been waiting for! Kulap and Howard cover the tracks on Howard’s new album for all you Summah Starved Zombies out there. So grab your seagull friends and avoid those Summah Sirens to give this a listen!


Who Charted?: Two Charted 20

Welcome to TOOCH! It smells like sunscreen, it tastes like Bud Light Lime, it sounds like the Have a Summah album! It’s Two Charted and this week it’s all about Howard’s Summah Stories and Kulap’s Summah Checklist. You can’t say we didn’t prepare you for the season!


Who Charted?: Cheetos & Horseradish

Fresh off of Howard’s Have a Summah album release and Kulap’s Gotham City debut, Who Charted? is here with Eric Andre and ready to talk Hip Hop, R&B, movies, Cheetos, Chart Piñata, and dating gossip. Howard’s voice goes on an adventure and we learn an important lesson about Ringo Starr’s mortality. You might even pick up some Lao! It’s a key jangling good time!


Who Charted?: Two Charted 18

We might not be rockin’ a blond hairdo this summah, like Wie-Wie ’03, but we are starting the season right. Howard brings us some of his top summah songs so far, while Kulap’s chart covers songs that she’s not too enthusiastic about. Post a comment letting us know what YOUR favorite summah jams are so far.