Check it out! Professor Blastoff’s awesome Ira Glass episode getting some love from iTunes!


Professor Blastoff: Live in New York (w/Ira Glass)

It’s a special podcast mashup this Christmas when the venerable Ira Glass joins Tig, David and Kyle on the Bell House stage in NYC. Tig and Ira discuss their questionable “fun things to do for free” in any city, including insulting unsuspecting strangers on the street and purposely misinforming partygoers. Armed with disturbing clips from This American Life, Ira tests the gang’s gag reflexes and improvises a few characters before debating the merits of forced political and religious conversions. Break out your magic Mormon underwear and cool beer for this unforgettable holiday episode.


This American Life: Invisible Made Visible

We wanted to alert all Professor Blastoff and Tig Notaro fans of this episode of This American Life which is now available on their website (and a great blog post that goes with it). Tig stars in the second act titled Groundhog Dayne:

Famous people are supposed to be somewhere else, invisible to us. Comedian Tig Notaro tells this story about repeatedly running Taylor Dayne, who was a pop star in the late 80s and early 90s. At the end of the story, we have a little surprise for Tig.

Well, the picture above spoils the surprise a bit, but we couldn’t resist reposting a picture of Tig dancing with Taylor Dayne.

Treat yourself to this episode of This American Life; Tig is an amazing storyteller and as usual, Ira Glass puts together one hell of a show.