Sklarbro Country: Maggot Stampede

You know how much we love lady energy here on the calming shores! We’ve got one of the best this week with stand-up comedian and Parks and Recreation writer Chelsea Peretti. She talks of maggots and Fleas and tells us how she learned to love the NBA. We’re also getting Gumble-y this week with yet another call from Bryant Gumble (in addition to a creepy voicemail from NPR’s Robert Siegel). Plus, get to know animator John Mathot who designed our beautiful new Sklarbro Country t-shirts. Pick up a shirt and punch a waterfall!


Sklarbro Country: Bacarri Breezer

We have no doubt that Sklarbro Country residents were and are huge Arrested Development fans. This week on the show we have the hook-handed youngest brother Tony Hale in the studio to tell us about his real life relationship with Liza Minnelli and how some inappropriate rubbing helped him land the role of Buster Bluth. He also offers up some psychiatric advice in a quick hits segment that will make you look at this country in a whole new, double-fat-fried light. Plus Bryant Gumbel is on the blower to give us some closing remarks on his brother’s attempt at sports broadcasting. Click here to watch Lance Armstrong lose gracefully in the Galveston Ironman competition, click here to vote for Sklarbro Country in The Comedy Awards, and click here to pick up Sklarbro Country LIVE from SXSW. It’s just that simple!


Sklar Brothers Interviewed by Jesse Thorn over on the AV Club:

Their newest standup album, Hendersons And Daughters, is less sports-focused, exploring the construction of Grimms’ fairy tales, disturbing Google search auto-fills, and Scarlett Johansson’s singing voice. They talked to us about doing the thing that’s least expected, from avoiding the predictable twin gimmicks in their comedy to making sports jokes funny to non-sports-fans.

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Sklarbro Country: Ally McVeal

Hand back the hash browns, stow away your toboggan, put on a warm sweater and settle in for some Sklarbro Country! Cheap Seats favorite Jon Glaser is in the hot seat to reminisce about his time with Randy and Jason on Cheap Seats and reveal some of the magic behind his hilarious projects like Tiny Hands and Delocated. Quick Hits is a bit of a misnomer this week as first-timer Ken Burns sets his own pace. Finally, we close it up with Bruce Jenner who sets the story straight on his Dancing with the Stars absence. HENDERSON!