Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show Sizzle Reel

Jon Hamm, Paul Rudd, Paul Scheer, and the Sklar Brothers are among the guests who have appeared on Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show. In this episode of highlights, we hear some of the show’s most memorable guests and moments. Check out the video version of this episode at YouTube.com/Earwolf. Kevin Pollak’s Chat Show joins Earwolf this Thursday, March 14 with guest Mark Duplass. New episodes will be released every other Thursday.



He recently appeared on Ep. 90 of Sklarbro Country, and tonight you can catch him on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. Jim Gaffigan's promoting his latest album, Mr. Universe, which you can download for just $5! Check out a clip from the album above.

Also on the boob tube tonight is Totally Laime's own Psychic Andy! As listeners know, Andy Rosen is not only an awesome psychic podcast co-host, he’s also a talented music producer. You can support Rosen by watching Last Call with Carson Daly (NBC) tonight to see Rosen appear with musician Meg Myers.

By: Julia Hays


Sklarbro Country: 36 Virgins

Folks, prepare yourselves! Prepare yourselves for an over-sized load of Sklarbro Country with special guests Jim Gaffigan and Colin Hay! Colin treats us to his amazing songs, delights us with his rock star stories, and cracks us up as he joins in on Quick Hits. Jim Gaffigan pulls out his college football history, tells the tale of a spectacularly bad corporate gig, and explains the preparation and planning that went into his new special Mr. Universe. Don’t worry, we saved enough time for a phone call from Racist Vin Scully and a message from Mark Wahlberg. Now take that money Kris Humphries gave you and pick up Mr. Universe. Then tell everyone how great it is with a letter sent with Stamps.com!