Check out a snippet of the Playing House cast do some improv live from UCB-LA.

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By the way, Martin Starr is NOT photoshopped into this i4h group photo because he was totally on an episode with Joe Wengert, Mookie Blaiklock, Amanda Sitko, and of course Matt Besser!

Take a listen!


Comedy Bang! Bang!: A Spiritual Journey

Be brave as you join The OC’s Adam Brody and today’s co-host/high school junior Traci Rearden as they go on a spiritual journey to the far off land of Comedy Bang Bang! They’ll talk about piercings, surfing, and what their 50 year plans look like. Spiritual medium Shelby Orangina then stops by to brief us on her short venture into the drink business, help everyone communicate with those who have passed on to another realm, and use her abilities during a game of Would You Rather.