Analyze Phish: Analyze Fish Pt. 2

Paul F. Tompkins, Howard Kremer, and Shelby Fero aka The Jaws Family are back for the thrilling conclusion of Analyze Fish! After something shocking happened during Shelby’s first viewing of Jaws, she decided to watch it a couple of more times in order to get a fresh take on the 1975 classic. Tune in to find out if Shelby enjoyed the movie as much as Paul & Howard, which characters they identify themselves as, and which fish related movies Shelby thinks Paul & Howard haven’t seen.


This is how Jason feels about the next How Did This Get Made movie selection…


How Did This Get Made?: Bad Ass

Action star Danny Trejo is the only guy Bad Ass enough to kick butt while wearing a fanny pack, and this week we chat with him about his career, claw stunts, and which actors he thinks are dangerous. Check out Danny’s new film Bad Ass on DVD or Blu-ray. Listen through the end of today’s episode to find out next week’s movie, suggest your bad summer movies for the show, and join HDTGM’s Summer Movie League for a chance to win an awesome prize!


Time to get ‘yo Freak on, Earwolf fans! improv4humans host Matt Besser and a slew of UCB comedians you know and love are available to perform for you… on demand!

Besser’s film Freak Dance is now available On Demand. It centers on a spoiled rich girl who joins the ranks of some local street dancers. Little does she know that she’ll be involved in an epic dance battle that will decide the fate of a crews’ dance studio. 

This film is packed with performers who have appeared on numerous Earwolf shows, including Amy Poehler, Horatio Sanz, and Tim Meadows

Also, be sure to look out for Freak Dance screenings in your area.

By: Julia Hays


If you haven’t listened to How Did This Get Made? ponder Tiptoes yet, do it. Though it will not make these screen caps any less disturbing.


Tiptoes (2003)
Screencap courtesy of JPSpaulding

How Did This Get Made? with guest, Dave Holmes

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Matt Besser begins the Freak Dance tour in Atlanta next week!

Go to freakdancemovie.com for details on how to purchase tickets.