Sklarbro Country: Away Game

The Sklar’s leave the studio to visit Jesse Thorn but bring the calming shores with them on today’s edition of Sklarbro Country! They talk about Dennis Rodman’s recent trip to North Korea, a wild night out for the Milwaukee Brewer’s Sausage, and a 22 year old man going back to high school to play some hoop. They talk to Jesse about his childhood in San Francisco and his sports fandom, his love of Bill James, his parent’s checkered pasts, and his philosophy behind broadcasting. Also discussed are Jesse’s favorite interviews, the Maximum Fun boat cruise, and Ian Mackaye’s deep knowledge of Bounce. The guys then get deep and talk about the future potential of podcasting. And at the end Hesse regales us with his popular Fantasy segment- This week: fantasy podcasters. Fans of the genre, you don’t want to miss this.


How Did This Get Made?: Barb Wire

Fans of gratuitous side boob are in luck as we discuss Barb Wire on today’s How Did This Get Made! America’s Radio Sweetheart Jesse Thorn joins us to talk about Barb’s wardrobe being full of black leather bustiers, Big Fatso’s amazing performance, and how this movie is a rip-off of Casablanca. Plus, we cover the crotch biting dog, prostitute medical cards, and steel bikini torture.