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Nerd Poker: Burst Through and Kill

The one-armed knight Sir Richard (Gerry Duggan) and co-prisoner Jayph (Mr. Sark) have joined Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn), Bartho Shett (Ken Daly), Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo), and Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch) on their water quest. Now our heroes will burst into the control room of the ship where they found their new allies. Tune in to find out what lies ahead for them! Be sure to keep helping us with getting Vin Diesel to play D&D with us!


Nerd Poker: Enter The Water Realm

Our heros have finally LEVELED UP! After they eradicated the squad of collector officers, Sparklett managed to reform with 4 more elemental friends. They must now continue their adventure by following Sparklett’s lead into the Water Elemental Plane and seal the breach before it’s too late. What will they come across in this new realm? Tune in to find out!


Nerd Poker: Finish The Fight

The heat has finally gotten to our heroes as they continue their heated battle against the remaining red robed collectors and clockwork men. Will they be able to cleave their way to victory? What happened to Sparklett? How much charisma does Blaine have? Listen to find out these answers and more! Plus, a special guest shows up for a segment called Dwarkaoke! This episode is brought to you by Calvin and Klein.


Nerd Poker: Hack and Slash

With their new found weapons and the help of their new ally Sparklett (Mr. Sark), will Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn), Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo), Bartho Shett (Ken Daly), and Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch) be able to hold their own against the red robed collectors and bots that made their pal Ell Ryan (Gerry Duggan) disappear? You will have to tune in to find out! Plus, the gang recalls old adventures as they hop on the GNOME TRAIN!


Nerd Poker: The Water Box

Holy shit! The gang makes their way down the lift to find an open cell door with nothing but an eerie box filled with water. Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo) investigates it, Bartho Shett (Ken Daly) worriedly questions Mildred’s actions, and Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn) & Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch) keep their distance as a shrill voice (Mr. Sark) from the box asks for their help. It’s the kind of episode that will possibly make you shit your pants. Plus, the gang calls out to the fans to help them get Vin Diesel on the show!


Nerd Poker: As The Dust Settles

After the heated battle against the collectors, the gang tries to decipher the newly discovered maps covered in astronomical signals that they find on the tables around them. Then it quickly becomes an intimidation fest against their hostages that still remain in the elevator they rode in on. Will they have what it takes to intimidate these poor people? What do these strange maps mean? Which words remind Blaine of Bronson Pinchot? Tune in to find out!


Nerd Poker: The Control Room

Whispers are used as the gang finally stumbles upon the collector’s control room. While figuring out what their next move will be, Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn) & Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo) surprise each other by switching roles and Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch), Bartho Shett (Ken Daly) & Carn (Mr. Sark) eagerly wait to see the possible action unfold near the 2 hostages. There will be ear plugging, tears and more of Blaine’s ads!


Nerd Poker: Up Goes The Lift

Brian forgets his D&D gear so we are treated to listening to him call his babysitter to get all his character info. Then we get back to where we left off on the cargo lift as it goes straight up when suddenly, 3 pairs of feet are spotted across the lift. Bartho Shett (Ken Daly) decides to unleash his dragon breath on them, Amarth Amon (Brian Posehn) will follow up with a devastating strike, Blackee Green (Blaine Capatch) attacks with his dire radiance, and Mildred Maxton (Sarah Guzzardo) stays back to keep an eye on their 2 hostages. Plus, Sark & the gang talk about the first time they saw Troll 2 in another edition of Sweet Sweet Days of Past.