Earwolf Spotlight: @JuliaVickerman
For those Improv4Humans fans, Matt Besser has been pretty vocal of his disdain for the old model of his brand new amazing t-shirt (sorry Paid Intern Eric). So when Matt Besser demanded better, we delivered!
But who is the cute pink-haired girl in the I4H t-shirt on the Earwolf Store? Why, it’s PUNY Entertainment group’s Julia Vickerman!
PUNY is a pretty brilliant animation group out of Hollywood by way of Minnesota who contribute all that cool fantastical art to Yo Gabba Gabba and the intro to the cult 2011 film SUPER. Julia is the Queen of PUNY land and a dear friend of Earwolf.
If you are in L.A, get more familiar with Julia’s subversive and quirky warped pop-art during her KStew show at Meltdown Comics, April 7th 2012!

Julia is curating a show of nothing but Kristen Stewart based art along with dozens of brilliant & talented L.A artists. Engineer Dustin will be there with bells on, so lets turn it into an Earwolf pow-wow and support great art at the same time!
And buy this awesome shirt NOWW!!!!!!!