Nerd Poker: Finish The Fight

The heat has finally gotten to our heroes as they continue their heated battle against the remaining red robed collectors and clockwork men. Will they be able to cleave their way to victory? What happened to Sparklett? How much charisma does Blaine have? Listen to find out these answers and more! Plus, a special guest shows up for a segment called Dwarkaoke! This episode is brought to you by Calvin and Klein.


2012 Comedy Bang Bang Nativity Pageant Special

Join Scott Aukerman and Kulap Vilaysack as they reflect on the past 10 years of the Comedy Bang Bang: Standup show. Get a glimpse of what it is to be backstage at a Comedy Bang Bang show and hear some heartfelt messages recorded backstage at the 2012 Comedy Bang Bang Nativity Pageant from some amazing comedians such as Zach Galifianakis, Todd Glass, Jimmy Pardo, Jenny Slate, Patton Oswalt, Paul F. Tompkins, Doug Benson, Brian Posehn, Anthony Jeselnik, and many more. We also encourage you to donate to the LA Food Bank. Special thanks to Audible for sponsoring this special episode and Robyn Von Swank for the amazing photos of the evening.



I was fortunate enough to be able to design and print the Comedy Bang! Bang! Nativity Pageant posters again this season.  The lineup is bonkers.  It has been sold out for weeks now.  It’s one of those things where I say to myself, “Welp, this wasn’t gonna happen if I was still in Michigan.”

Big thanks to Kate Ward for the lettering and Ryan McManemin of AST Records for everything else.  

Prints available at the show.  3 color print on 18”x24” 100# classic linen.  




COMEDY BANG! BANG!, the most anticipated show of the summer (and my life), premieres TONIGHT (Friday) June 8, at 10/9c on IFC.

If you’re not sure you’d be into this or you haven’t heard the podcast don’t fret! In this post I have compiled clips from IFC.com to prepare you for what will be the best show you have ever seen in your LIFETIME (I am not exaggerating here).

Want to know what the show is about? - CLICK HERE

COMEDY BANG! BANG! - The Ultimate Teaser Trailer - featuring Scott “Hot Saucerman” Aukerman, Jon Hamm, Zach Galifianakis, Tenacious D, Casey Wilson, Topher Grace, David Koechner, Brett Gelman, Michael Cera, Gillian Jacobs, Nick Kroll, Reggie Watts, Seth Rogen, Will Forte, Will Arnett, AND MORE!

COMEDY BANG! BANG! - Season 1 Trailer - Featuring, Andy Samberg, Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, Reggie Watts AND MORE!

COMEDY BANG! BANG! - Sneak Peak - Featuring Scott Aukerman, Adam Scott, Paul F. Tompkins, Patton Oswalt, Bob Odenkirk, and Reggie Watts

REGGIE MAKES MUSIC - Zach Galifianakis, Jon Hamm, Michael Cera, and Will Forte

Not enough? - Watch a FULL EPISODE on right now and then turn your tv to IFC TONIGHT at 10/9c!

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Comedy Bang! Bang!: Fingerbang Lindbergh

Are you ready for the final episode of the third year of Comedy Bang Bang? What do you want more than anything from this episode of Comedy Bang Bang? To finally get that one-on-one exclusive interview with Patton Oswalt we keep trying to give you? You got it! Want to find out about the inner workings of Comedy Bang Bang and Earwolf from our very own Mark Van Driel? You got that too! Do you want to learn a brand new game that will send Jing It or Ding It running? Just wait ’til you hear Fart, Mary, Kiss! Join us next week as we enter year four of existence!



Eleven-time Earwolf guest Patton Oswalt will make an appearance on tonight’s Conan on TBS.

To get your fix until then, check out Sklarbro Country clip (above) to hear him reading from the hilariously ridiculous book Monday Night Jihad. For more Earwolf highlights on YouTube, check out the Earwolf YouTube channel.

By: Julia Hays