ICYMI: Paul Rust, John Gemberling, Lauren Lapkus, and Brandon Johnson join Matt Besser on improv4humans!


Thanks to Paul Rust, Lauren Lapkus, John Gemberling, and Brandon Johnson for coming on improv4humans!


Comedy Bang! Bang!: The Bisco Boys

Who Charted’s Howard “Dragon Boy Suede” Kremer & fan favorites Paul Rust, Harris Wittels, and Michael Cassady aka Don’t Stop or We’ll Die are in the studio to jam out in today’s very special musical b-b-b-bonus s-s-s-show! They’ll get into what the future holds for Analyze Phish, why Paul got in trouble for his New No Nos, and debut some new tracks. Fortunately, the guys are pros at a game of Fortunately, Unfortunately. Unfortunately, it gets a little crazy during a game of Would You Rather. Fortunately, we hear Dragon Boy Suede & Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die finally collab!


Don’t Stop Or We’ll Die - Lisa 

(Full b-b-b-bonus ep of CBB drops tomorrow!)


improv4humans: Freaky The Rasta Clown

improv4humans continues to be the best podcast in the universe as Seth Morris, Brian Huskey, and Paul Rust joined Matt Besser for another livestreamed episode! Listen as they take a listener’s call, crap on some YouTube videos, and use a listener’s best story to inspire scenes about Titanic, Kenny Loggins fans, and a group sex party. Check out the full video at youtube.com/Earwolf and be sure to pick up an improv4humans shirt from the Earwolf Store and follow @MattBesser on Twitter to send in your improv suggestions. Music by Bobby Matthews and Dragoon. You can also now get Matt Besser’s new comedy album “The Six Most Important Sets in the History of Standup” at mattbesser.com!



Bonus Improv4humans clip from last night’s Earwolf live show on VPN! Beware of Freaky The Rasta Clown….It’s a bad trip!

Full episode drops as a podcast and video on Tuesday!

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