June performs Nova’s monologue from Sharknado.

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7:30 PM - Over The Top

10 PM - Demolition Man

You can never have enough Stallone.


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EPISODE 62!!!!!!

Queen Latifah & Dolly Parton were in a gospel filled musical with so many plots that it will make your head spin! Fred Stoller joins us to talk about the strange heart attacks that kill of two characters in the movie, the bum wiping vs turd in tissue issue that Queen’s son with Asperger’s syndrome faces with, and who is shooting the footage of Queen & her husband hugging at a park. We also cover the diner food fight scene, Dolly’s partial duet with her dead husband/ghost self, and the big medley at the end with Catholic-fied versions of pop songs. Make sure to keep voting and suggesting which movies for us to review at http://fyi.earwolf.com!!


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