Nathan Rabin & The Sklarbros Sitting in a Tree

Check out this great review Nathan Rabin of the Onion wrote :
Being a late-night host requires skill set to rival a Navy SEAL’s, but the most important quality for the job is likeability. Audiences have to have genuine affection for a performer to want to spend time with them night in and night out, year after year. That’s why Chevy Chase and Jerry Lewis famously crashed and burned as talk-show hosts: Audiences could see the evil in their souls, and consequently changed the channel. It would be hard to imagine a duo more likeable than The Sklar Brothers, the identical-twin stand-up comedy team whose Sklarbro Country and Sklarbro County podcasts are consistent delights. The Sklars are the comedy equivalent of what in baseball is known as a five-tool player. They’re frighteningly smart and lightning-fast in a way that never calls attention to itself, but betrays an exceedingly broad frame of reference. (Hell, they host a comedy podcast devoted to the seemingly antithetical worlds of indie rock and sports, and they appeal to a wide audience that isn’t necessarily interested in either.) And they possess a remarkable ability to seem genuinely interested and engaged by everything, whether it’s a guest’s project, the speed and efficiency of Stamps.com, or the stylishness of Bonobos pants. If you can seem passionate, genuine, and sincere while reading sponsor copy on a podcast, then acting fascinated by a NASCAR driver or supermodel should be a breeze. 

How Did This Get Made?: On the Line

On the Line is a tale as old as time, the love story of Turkey Sub and Hubcap. What happens when boy-banders try their hand at acting? Bizarre sound effects, terrible musical performances, and lots and lots of chewing noises. Ike Barinholtz joins us to discuss a movie so shamefully bad that even its most ardent supporters hide themselves with nom de plumes. So tune into one of the 90,000 screens playing it, and while you’re at it, pick up a brand new How Did This Get Made? t-shirt!