Owen & TJ Read The News: The Jack Special

On today’s episode of Owen & TJ Read The News, Owen tries his best to read the news as TJ’s step dad Jack (Rob Riggle) drops by to give his two cents on the current events, describes his mentoring relationship with TJ, and tells us about his plans on becoming a wrestler. It gets real heavy when they discuss the fiscal cliff, why sports isn’t news and the war on Christmas.



“The thing about an actor who’s big, strong, and a marine in real life, is that when he is supposed to fake karate-chop you in a scene, but he’s more focused on getting his line out, is that he will really karate-chop you. And it hurts. Because he’s just nailing you, take after take.” - Scott Aukerman, on his appearance on Childrens Hospital with Rob Riggle

Not on my watch!

(Looking for more of Rob Riggle? Check him out out Sklarbro Country back in January)

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Two comedy heavyweights will both be appearing on NBC shows tonight.

David Wain, who appeared with son and father in tow on yesterday’s new episode of Comedy Bang! Bang!, will be a guest on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Wain’s promoting his new film, Wanderlust. Check out the trailer above, and listen to the latest CBB to hear Wain’s dad promoting the film like a pro.

On The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, two-time Earwolf guest Rob Riggle will be making an appearance. Riggle, of Daily Show fame, visited the calming shores on Ep. 78 of Sklarbro Country, and met Ronna & Beverly on Ep. 14 of their show.

By: Julia Hays