Shortwave: Kristin Hersh

Founder of the alt/punk group Throwing Muses, frontrunner of the alt band 50 Foot Wave, and old friend Kristin Hersh catches up with Grant-Lee on this week’s Shortwave. Kristin talks about how she decided to write her own memoir after a journalist insisted on moving in with her, describes her relationship with Betty Hutton, shares a story about being in an airport with Vic Chesnutt, and tells us how James Hillman knew she was going to be a musician at the age of 9. She also reads an excerpt from her daring memoir “Rat Girl.” Plus, we’re treated to a couple of live songs from her extensive catalogue including her latest solo record “Crooked.”


On tomorrow’s Love, Dad, Jeff is joined by guest co-host Grant-Lee Phillips of Shortwave!


Hey, Shortwave fans! Pick up host Grant-Lee Phillips’ new album, Walking in the Green Corn, which dropped today! 


Shortwave: Rhett Miller

The Old 97‘s frontman, critically acclaimed author, and old friend Rhett Miller drops by to reveal the secret to the Old 97’s longevity on today’s episode of Shortwave. Rhett describes the interesting experience of working with mad genius Jon Brion, recalls singing backup with Robyn Hitchcock the first time he met Grant-Lee, and explains why bailing Sarah Lawrence College after one semester helped his musical career. Plus, we’re treated to some live songs from Rhett’s extended catalogue including his latest album “The Dreamer.”


New episode of Shortwave with Grant-Lee Phillips drops Monday with guest Rhett Miller!


Shortwave: The Bangles’ Susanna Hoffs

It’s been 16 years since she’s released a solo album, Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles sits down to chat on this week’s Shortwave. Susanna shares her writing process, explains how Keith Richard’s audiobook inspired her throughout the making of the record, and tells us how Prince helped The Bangles break out onto the charts. Susanna also talks about writing with Mark Linkous in an old abandoned schoolyard, how The Bangles became an alumni of Gilmore Girls, and singing backup on the Talking Heads’ “Wild Wild Life.” Plus, we’re treated to some live songs from Susanna’s latest album “Someday.”


Shortwave: Toad the Wet Sprocket’s Glen Phillips

A soft spoken Glen Phillips sits down with Grant-Lee Phillips on this week’s Shortwave. Glen & Grant-Lee chat about their collaborating history and going out on tour together. Glen also shares stories about his early beginnings as a theatre geek with Toad the Wet Sprocket, how the ukelele saved his life, the glass coffee table incident, and why he’s known as the shoeless one. We are also treated to a couple of live songs from Glen’s latest album “The Coyote Sessions,” and Grant-Lee’s “Walking In The Green Corn.”


Shortwave with Grant-Lee Phillips: Haunting Melodies

Jukebox the Ghost has traveled all the way from New York to join us in studio this week on Shortwave. Grant-Lee Phillips sits down with Ben, Tommy, and Jesse to chat about the dizzying and melodically haunting world that is Jukebox the Ghost. They discuss the arduous track selection process, how the writing process is divided, being apprehensive when bringing a personal song to the group, writing strange parts to compensate for a bass player, and play tracks off their latest album, “Safe Travels.”


New Podcast! Shortwave with Grant-Lee Phillips

Welcome to the very first episode of Shortwave with Grant-Lee Phillips! Gather round as Grant-Lee Phillips welcomes old and new friends each week to share their music. Aimee Mann joins us on our very first episode to discuss her experience contributing her music to the film Magnolia, her thoughts on music piracy, the inspiration behind her new album “Charmer,” and to perform some of her songs live.


Earwolf expands podcasting lineup to include music & lifestyle shows, plus more comedy!



In its two years of existence, Earwolf Media has produced some of the finest comedy podcasts around, boasting several shows in the top iTunes charts. This month, the company will expand its offerings, adding two new categories of podcasts to its roster—Music and Lifestyle—in addition to launching a pair of new comedy programs.

"While we will never turn our backs on comedy—this I swear—we at Earwolf felt it was time to branch out and try some new styles of programming," says Scott Aukerman, Chief Creative Officer of Earwolf and host of COMEDY BANG! BANG!, Earwolf’s flagship show. "So starting in September, we’ll be separating our website into three different categories: Comedy, Music, and Lifestyle."


Making their debut this month will be Earwolf’s first three musically themed programs: SHORTWAVE WITH GRANT-LEE PHILLIPS, NOCTURNAL EMOTIONS WITH HAR MAR SUPERSTAR, and SHOTS FIRED, hosted by Jeff Weiss and MC Nocando.

"Getting into music is a natural extension for us," says Aukerman. "I have bands on my show all the time, and we all know that musicians and comedians are two groups who hang out and enjoy each other’s company."  

SHORTWAVE, hosted by Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Grant-Lee Phillips, is an in-depth look at musicians both legendary and modern, featuring talk about the craft of music and unique in-studio performances.  

"I really wanted to produce something akin to what WTF would be like if it focused on bands instead of comedians," says Aukerman. Each show, lasting roughly 30 minutes, features Phillips (late of the band Grant Lee Buffalo) interviewing musicians in the relaxed, conversational, humorous style known to regulars at Largo in L.A. and his fans worldwide.  

The premiere episode of SHORTWAVE features Oscar-nominated singer-songwriter Aimee Mann, a longtime friend of Phillips, playing acoustic versions of new songs from her upcoming album, Charmer. Artists featured on future episodes of SHORTWAVE include former Bangles lead singer Susanna Hoffs, indie-pop experimentalists Yacht, three-piece rock band Jukebox the Ghost, ex-Throwing Muses lead singer Kristin Hersh, and Old 97’s singer Rhett Miller.

New episodes of SHORTWAVE with Grant-Lee Phillips will be released Mondays on Earwolf.com and iTunes.


NOCTURNAL EMOTIONS, hosted by indie-rock provocateur Har Mar Superstar, is a loose, improvisational interview show, during which the singer (given name Sean Tillman) chats up his fascinating friends during the wee hours of the night.  

"Har Mar knows everybody, and everybody loves Har Mar," Aukerman says. "The fact that he’s so friendly makes him a great interviewer, but anyone who’s ever seen him live knows that this podcast has the potential to go off the rails at any time. Add to that the late hour during which he records, and you have a unique show that we’re really excited about."

The first guest on NOCTURNAL EMOTIONS is Macaulay Culkin, in the Home Alone star’s first interview in six years. Future guests include actress Ellen Page (Juno, Inception).

New episodes of NOCTURNAL EMOTIONS will be released Wednesdays on Earwolf.com and iTunes.


SHOTS FIRED is a weekly look into the world of hip-hop, hosted by music journalist Jeff Weiss (writer for LA Weekly and creator of the widely read blog Passion of the Weiss) and underground hip-hop star MC Nocando (Hellfyre Club, Alpha Pup, Low End Theory).

"You can’t really start a music branch without a show that covers the most popular and influential style of music in the world," Aukerman says. "These guys know what they’re talking about, and they approach it with humor and intelligence."

Each week, the duo will take a look at what’s going on in the world of hip-hop. The show will also feature occasional guests—for example, the first episode includes an interview with underground DJ (and co-founder of L.A. hip-hop mainstay The Low End Theory) the Gaslamp Killer, who debuts tracks off his upcoming album, Breakthrough, due in September.

New episodes of SHOTS FIRED, premiering in late September, will be released Thursdays on Earwolf.com and iTunes.


But of course, comedy will always be Earwolf’s first love, and with two new programs debuting, laugh-lovers will have their ears full.

The long-rumored NERD POKER: DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS WITH BRIAN POSEHN will debut soon on the podnet. The podcast mini-series hosted by Posehn (The Sarah Silverman Program, Just Shoot Me, and co-writer of Marvel’s upcoming comic Deadpool) follows the self-described “nerd comedian” as he engages in a weekly game of D&D with his funny friends.

"We’ve been talking about doing this for a long time, but we finally banked enough episodes to start putting them out," Aukerman says. "And this now gives Brian the perfect excuse to get out of the house, away from his wife and baby."

NERD POKER will feature just as much humor as actual game play, from compatriots Gerry Duggan (co-writer of Marvel’s Deadpool), Blaine Capatch (Comedy Central’s Beat the Geeks), Ken Daly (The Usual Suspects), Sarah Guzzardo (AvoidThisJob.com), and Dungeon Master Scot Robison.

"For nerds, this will be the greatest thing they’ll hear since Robert Inglis performed the audio book of The Lord of the Rings,” promises Aukerman. “Required listening.”

NERD POKER will debut in late September on Earwolf.com and iTunes.


THE FOGELNEST FILES, hosted by writer, comedian, and radio personality Jake Fogelnest, is a minutia-obsessed look at ridiculous items from pop culture past, present, and future.  Recorded live at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, each show features Fogelnest and his comedian friends riffing on items from his personal treasure trove of bizarre clips.

"Jake is one of those guys who, before YouTube, had every underground tape of weird shit you had ever heard about," says Aukerman. "He does these live shows where he shows them to a hundred people, and now we’re bringing the shows to everyone."

The premiere episode features NYC mainstays Julie Klausner (VH-1’s Best Week Ever) and Chris Gethard (The Chris Gethard Show) riffing on the subject of punk rock while watching Fogelnest’s laughable array of tapes on the topic. Future guests include Paul F. Tompkins and Jon Daly.

THE FOGELNEST FILES’ second episode debuts in late September on Earwolf.com and iTunes.


Meanwhile, the first show of Earwolf’s “Lifestyle” section made its debut in August. LOVE, DAD continues weekly, hosted by comedian and actor David Koechner (Anchorman) and Earwolf CEO Jeff Ullrich (The Wolf Den).

LOVE, DAD takes a look at the world of fatherhood from two different perspectives. “When it comes to being a dad, David Koechner is like a grizzled cop who’s been on the force for years,” says Aukerman. “And Jeff is like a rookie with a hair trigger who doesn’t know anything. When you put them together, you get the Lethal Weapon of fatherhood-related podcasting.”

Each week, the duo discusses issues that concern parents new and old, mixing humor with insight.

LOVE, DAD airs weekly Thursdays on Earwolf.com and iTunes.


YO, IS THIS RACIST?, hosted by Andrew Ti, creator of the popular Tumblr blog of the same name, will debut a daily podcast (Mondays through Fridays) later this month.

On the show, Ti answers questions from fan-submitted voicemails and emails about potentially racist situations.

Tune in to find out if Pokeman’s Diglett character is more appropriate than, say, a pro-life group referring to themselves as “abolitionists”.

Upcoming guests will include Paul F. Tompkins and Randy and Jason Sklar.


Aukerman and Ullrich plan to launch more shows in all three categories - Comedy, Music, and Lifestyle - in the coming months. “This is no time to rest on our laurels,” declares Aukerman.  ”We’re just getting started.”