Sklarbro Country: Effy Scotty Fitzy

Comedian and Chappelle Show co-creator, Neal Brennan, comes to the calming shores on today’s Sklarbro Country! The guys start by talking about Donte’ Stallworth crashing a hot air ballon into a power line, Stevan Segal and Vladimir Putin finally joining forces, and why we need to bring back the Russia vs US rivalry. Then Neal Brennan comes on the show and talks about directing The Goods, running his comedy by Blake Griffin, and the legacy of The Chappelle Show. Then it’s quick hits including; the Westboro Baptist Church going toe to toe with Nascar, Shaq’s comedy confidence, and a young man escaping from unwanted oral sex. Dick Vitale then calls in after being up for three days. There’s not a view more beautiful than Sklarbro Country from a hot air balloon with Neal Brennan.


Sklarbro Country: Cock Pulldown

Waterfalls were punched and history was made as the very casually dressed Kumail Nanjiani returned to the calming shores for the first ever livestreamed episode of Sklarbro Country! Everything from gay gyms, squash in Pakistan, and video game tournaments were discussed. Also, Kumail spoke about the Meltdown pilot, the one time he got his penis stuck in a zipper right before having to ride a roller coaster, and used his lighting quick for a round of Quick Hits. Plus, special guest Dennis “The Worm” Rodman stopped by to share his thoughts on Kim Jon Un, briefly meeting his dad in the Philippines, and what he hoped to accomplish in Syria. Check out the full video at youtube.com/Earwolf! Don’t forget to get your tickets to see Randy & Jason headline in Los Angeles this Saturday (March 23rd) at the Hollywood Improv!


Totally Laime: St. Louisanspirations!

It’s the fantastic and hilarious duo you know from their fantastic and hilarious podcast, Sklarbro Country – JASON AND RANDY SKLAR came over and discussed their St. Louis roots, why Lance Armstrong’s got a whole lotta ball, and how Richard Simmons has made a special place in their hearts/lives/plane memories. Enjoy!


Yeah, can’t really explain what’s going on here. You just have to tune in live right now


HEY, IT’S THESE FELLAS!!!! Randy and Jason are LIVE right now doing Sklarboro Country on youtube.com/earwolf!


Sklarbro Country: Milk in the Bathtub

Jack Black finally body surfs his way to the calming shores of Sklarbro Country! Jack talks to Randy & Jason about how David Cross invited Tenacious D to perform at the early Mr. Show shows, when Dio got introduced to Tenacious D, and his thoughts on being a part of the Kennedy Center honoring of Led Zeppelin. He also tells us why surfing never worked out for him, catching the acting bug at an early age, and the difficult process of writing a song. Plus, we hear how big of a Tenacious D fan Justin Bieber is during a round of Quick Hits and Joe Walsh stops by to tell us what we can expect from The Eagles documentary. Be sure to get your tickets for a special screening of “Breaking Away” with Randy & Jason as part of the 2nd Annual Wayne Federman International Film Festival on February 28th at Cinefamily in Los Angeles!


Sklarbro Country: Add 5 and Figure It Out

Adam Carolla is a guest on today’s show and the stories he has will blow your mind. He’s got amazing sports stories which include, Darryl Strawberry’s first home-run, his skirmish with a coach during a Celebrity Hardball game and how his love of boxing lead him to meet Jimmy Kimmel. We also hear about Adam’s path which took him from helping build his own sketch group to working as a carpenter to becoming  a co-host on Loveline. Plus, we welcome first timer to the show, Joe Walsh, to give the guys some tips on where to go in Cleveland. IMPORTANT: Unfortunately, there was a sound issue in recording the first portion of this episode. It was a freak accident that could not have been caught, and we’ve done our best to rectify it as the content of this episode is simply too good not to release. We assure you that this is a 1 in 111 occurrence and is not representative of the sound quality you can expect from Sklarbro Country. Once again, our apologies.


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