Check out Bryant Gumbel’s (Jason Nash) take on the Olympic controversy.

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Kyle Kinane is on the calming shores of Sklarbro County today!


Sklarbro County 46

Kyle Kinane is tailor made with the skills to tackle the kind of stories that occur on Sklarbro County! Kyle talks to us about his thoughts on WrestleMania, being onstage at Zanies in Chicago as a fight broke out, and getting immediate feedback from fans online. Florida is two for three this week as Dan Van Kirk brings in some crazy stories that involve; a Florida woman who poops in a yard then swims naked in a pool, Florida twins who feud with a frying pan, machete, and gun, and a mom & son run against each other for presidency in the sad little town of Dixmoor, Illinois. Plus, Mark Wahlberg shares a preview of his new movie project and tells us what he thinks about the Women’s Final Four in another edition of the Weekly Wahlberg.

Nathan Rabin & The Sklarbros Sitting in a Tree

Check out this great review Nathan Rabin of the Onion wrote :
Being a late-night host requires skill set to rival a Navy SEAL’s, but the most important quality for the job is likeability. Audiences have to have genuine affection for a performer to want to spend time with them night in and night out, year after year. That’s why Chevy Chase and Jerry Lewis famously crashed and burned as talk-show hosts: Audiences could see the evil in their souls, and consequently changed the channel. It would be hard to imagine a duo more likeable than The Sklar Brothers, the identical-twin stand-up comedy team whose Sklarbro Country and Sklarbro County podcasts are consistent delights. The Sklars are the comedy equivalent of what in baseball is known as a five-tool player. They’re frighteningly smart and lightning-fast in a way that never calls attention to itself, but betrays an exceedingly broad frame of reference. (Hell, they host a comedy podcast devoted to the seemingly antithetical worlds of indie rock and sports, and they appeal to a wide audience that isn’t necessarily interested in either.) And they possess a remarkable ability to seem genuinely interested and engaged by everything, whether it’s a guest’s project, the speed and efficiency of Stamps.com, or the stylishness of Bonobos pants. If you can seem passionate, genuine, and sincere while reading sponsor copy on a podcast, then acting fascinated by a NASCAR driver or supermodel should be a breeze. 

Sklarbro County 45

Fantastic stand-up comic Jay Larson (Crabfeast podcast) joins us in the front seat of Sklarbro County! Jay tells us how taking a wrong number became one of Randy & Jason’s favorite stand-up bits, running the Cleatus the FOX robot Twitter account, and why he quit playing college baseball. Dan Van Kirk also brings us crazy stories that include; a Minneapolis man stealing 2 six-packs of beers & a teacher’s wallet from a science museum, a Massachusetts man who was arrested with a criminal to-do list, and Florida doesn’t disappoint in another edition Where’s The Headline? Plus, we call up Jesse “The Body” Ventura to get his take on the Final Four. #CheckTheUrn


Sklarbro County 44

Chicago energy is all up in the house as Parks and Rec’s own Jim O’Heir (Damnit Jerry!) stops by today’s Sklarbro County! Jim tells us about his impressive typing skills, being in the middle of a NCAA Miami fans takeover at Barney’s Beanery, and the thrill of playing villains. Dan Van Kirk also brings us crazy stories that involve; a man who slashes his brother with a sword he got from his weapons room, a Russian teacher who turns to Satanism after being rejected by a student, and a man who faked a knife attack to improve his chances to attract a date. Plus, Chicago legend Doug Buffone has some big news for us. Dammit Jerry!