Zach Galifianakis will host SNL again!


Comedy Bang! Bang!: GoodFelines

Fan favorite and “House of Pies” star Ben Schwartz tells us about his plans for the new year on today’s Comedy Bang Bang! Ben & Scott recall performing together in Ben’s improv show “Snowpants,” recreate Ben’s favorite Bane sketch, and talk about wet dreams. Newcomer to the show Shelly Driftwood drops by to share some incredible stories from his life that involve his buddy relationship with Brett Butler, Easter Island, and a rolling affair. Plus, Shelly Driftwood tells us about his script “GoodFelines” during a game of Would You Rather?


Sklarbro Country: Department Store Santa

Kevin Nealon, of Saturday Night Live and Weeds, is a fellow stand-up that Randy & Jason Sklar have known for a long time and joins them this week for a Sklartastic episode of Sklarbro Country! He shares a tale of his early days as a department store Santa, how long it took him to start doing stand-up, and how Dana Carvey helped him get an SNL audition. All of this includes some Quick Hits, a Weekly Wahlberg, and the glory hole filled return of Jerry Jones!



Amy Poehler

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Comedy Bang! Bang!: Jing It Or Ding It!

We’re back again with more previously unreleased Comedy Bang Bang hilarity. This time first time guests Leo Allen and Will Forte remember some of their favorite rejected SNL pitches, discuss the tragedy of divorce, and try their hand at a brand new game: JING IT OR DING IT!


Sklarbro Country: Hurdler Backpack

This week’s Sklarbro Country will fill you up with comedy like a one-pound hot dog will with cholesterol! Saturday Night Live’s Taran Killam makes his maiden voyage to the calming shores and brings with him behind-the-scenes stories and audition tales that SNL die-hards have to hear. From his Sklar-esque characters to his hilarious Tim Tebow sketch, he gives us great insight into the comedy institution. We also have a call with Gary Busey who didn’t get the memo about our awesome SXSW show with Ryan Stout and The Sheepdogs. He should head over to the Earwolf Store and pick up the show (including video) for $4.99, and you should too! And while you’re at it, cast your vote for Sklarbro Country in The Comedy Awards. HENDERSON!