Burly, todlered-bodied, curly hair, who looks like Ryan Reynolds pressed his face against a brick wall for an hour and a half seeks girl he saw at the Nuggets game to go on ferris wheels and tilt-a-whirls until they vomit at Six Flags Elitch Gardens. Please call this number. If my mother picks up ask to speak with my father and then ask him if you could speak with me. Please pick me up three blocks due west of my house on 11th and Marion.

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I will never be the same again.

(Created by Walt Keegan. Pic by Earwolf)

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Who Charted?: Missed Connections

There has been a lot of coastal talk on the show lately, so we thought we’d bring in T.J. Miller for some of his patented Denver energy! He’ll teach you the art of faxing during our Billboard Heatseekers Chart and he even makes an appearance in our Movie Chart. His stories about Tom Cruise are fascinating, and his technique with Hermes the Chart Goose is erotic, so prepare to get Denver-y up in this joint!


Sklarbro County 4

Drunken golf course driving, disruptive dancing, and ghosts are on the docket this week with guest T.J. Miller. Plus, sad clown Professor Giggles, well, he’s just done.


Totally Laime: Teasing Embargo

Do you guys love T.J. Miller yet? We super do. He’s willing to get real and sincere about the difficulties of dating a comic and the harsh parts of showbiz, but he is JUST as real and sincere about bungee jumping vs. sky diving. We can’t think of anything bad to say about him! Enjoy!



It’s Valentine’s Day, and love is in the air. What better way to celebrate than snuggle in front of the TV and laugh? Funny is sexy, folks.

Actor Jerry O’Connell has grown from child star to leading man. Among his lengthy credits is an appearance on Ep. 27 of Comedy Bang! Bang! Revisit the episode to hear a Cyberthug Take-Over! You can catch him today on The Wendy Williams Show (Syndicated.)

T.J. Miller visited the calming shores of Sklarbro Country on Ep. 23, and is a frequent guest on Chelsea Lately on E! In fact, he’ll be a guest on tonight’s show. If that’s not enough Miller for you, check out his album, The Extended play E.P. Among the highlights are his rap battles with fellow Sklarbro Country alumni Pete Holmes and Ugly Duckling.

Four time Comedy Bang! Bang! guest Kevin Nealon will be a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC tonight. In the meantime you should read the interview I did with Nealon for Earwolf back in Aug. 2011. The video of his Would You Rather? scenario is classic!

By: Julia Hays