Totally Laime: No Regrets!

The multi talented and wonderfully charming Rebekka Johnson from The Apple Sisters is in the house and, per usual, no topic is off limits. We talk regrets, vomit, ball-sensitivity, groin pulls, and more. Enjoy!


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The Apple Sisters: Ask An Apple!

The Apple Sisters are back with a special mailroom episode dedicated to the fans! Join Candy, Cora, and Seedy Apple as they answer important listener questions regarding Jesus, Cora’s Pieshow, pirate booty, and much more! To pick up a copy of their new album, 1943, visit TheAppleSisters.com.


The Apple Sisters: June Gloom

It’s summertime, and The Apple Sisters are battling seasonal allergies, marine layers, and bad moods to bring you their radio show. The mailroom covers favorite summertime activities, and the ladies bring you a special live performance from the Show Girl Breakfast Buffet. To pick up a copy of their new album, 1943, visit TheAppleSisters.com.


The Apple Sisters: Daddy, May I

May Day! May Day! We’re going down… on a new episode of The Apple Sisters! Join Candy, Cora, and Seedy as they celebrate the arrival of May with tips on escaping the mafia and a special live performance. To pick up a copy of their new album, 1943, visit TheAppleSisters.com.


FYI Earwolfers. The Apple Sisters’ new album 1943 has just been released and it is full of comedic goodness with the likes of Paul F. Tompkins, Kate Micucci, and many more! You can get details on The Apple Sister’s website.

And if you can’t get enough of the girls, Earwolf has 31 episodes of The Apple Sisters ready for your enjoyment for free including April Fools!, an episode that was just released last week. Catch up with these three sassy dames if you know what’s good for you!


Shit 1940’s Girls Say by The Apple Sisters

I’ll just have one. I’m expecting a baby.

Awesome stuff. Now get back in the kitchen! (J/K!)

Check out their latest podcast on Earwolf!


The Apple Sisters: April Fools!

The Apple Sisters are back from break and promoting their new record ’1943′. It’s a masterpiece you aren’t going to want to miss, but in the mean time, the Apple Sister’s have a special April Fool’s program for you!


An Earwolf Listener’s Guide for the Sickly

Cold and flu season finally got me, folks. As I’m trying to recover from a cold that’s been giving me the sniffles for nearly two weeks, I started thinking about Earwolf episodes dedicated to the sickly.

If you’re in the throes of a winter ailment, get some rest, drink plenty of fluids, and check out the following Earwolf episodes for the ill. They say laughter is the best medicine, and even if these don’t cure you, at least you won’t be alone in feeling under the weather.

  • Ep. 42 of Professor Blastoff: Guest Alex Shadie, an expert on disease, shares the scary reality of viral pandemics, the progress being made in curing once-fatal diseases, and tips for avoiding disease. Be sure to wash your hands before you listen, and check with a doctor if you’ve been to any Billy Joel concerts lately. 
  • Ep. 135 of Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca: Just because you don’t have health insurance doesn’t mean you must be resigned to illness! This cold and flu season let Dr. Ducca let you in on some secrets to staying clear and breathing without labor. 
  • Ep. 82 of Affirmation Nation with Bob Ducca: Sure, most podcast listeners are white, American males, but that doesn’t mean that we lack cultural diversity as an industry. In this episode, Bob responds to a listener letter regarding some of the geographically and culturally specific ailments and illnesses that can and will afflict many of us. 
  • Ep. 71 of Comedy Bang! Bang!: Scott Aukerman is a true professional, which has been demonstrated in the few CBB episodes he has hosted while sick. This is one of them. Though the host may be a little wheezy, it doesn’t detract from the greatness of having the ENTIRE cast of FX’s The League on the show. That’s right, both Paul Scheer AND Nick Kroll. Listen to our intrepid host interview them between coughs.
  • Ep. 51.5 of Comedy Bang! Bang!: Among this episode’s highlights, Bob Ducca stops by to let us know about some of the reasons he hadn’t been on the show in awhile, which leads to one of the most beloved CBB segments of all time, Bob’s List of Ailments. 
  • Ep. 66 of Totally Laime Podcast: The one and only Aubrey Plaza of NBC’s Parks and Recreation shares laughs with Elizabeth and Andy, but also discusses a personal health scare, having suffered a stroke that caused temporary paralysis and expressive aphasia from which she has fully recovered. This is a great listen for fans who want to know more about the young actress that plays one of the funniest deadpan characters on television. 
  • Ep. 3 of The Apple Sisters: The ladies receive a visit from an extra special guest, Tippity Tappity the Tapeworm, who teaches us about the digestive system and gives the girls a spectacular song idea.  
  • Ep. 13 of How Did This Get Made?: You think you’ve got it bad with your seasonal cold? Check out the gang’s discussion of the film Crank 2, where our hero, Chev Chelios is running around WITHOUT A HEART. This episode covers everything from tar enemas to full-body Tourette’s. And, of course, don’t forget to check out Ep. 28, Crank: Director’s Edition, as well. 
Get well soon, readers!
By: Julia Hays